Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing catch up.

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. First Krismon gets a cold and then the kids get it and it turns into ear infections. They get their antibiotics. We have friends come for a quick visit on their way to a longer visit with great grandparents. And of course, I couldn't escape so I caught the kids cold.
Right before leaving for San Diego.... Can we talk about a fun car trip of going up and down in altitude with ears plugging, nose sore from blowing. By the time we got to our little vacation rental, one ear was completely plugged. UGH. I couldn't just lay low either or hang on the beach. We had 3 park passes for Sea World, San Diego Zoo and the Wildlife Park. Thank goodness, Krismon's sister Krystine flew down from the bay area. We all went to Sea World on Friday and had a great time (outside of the red nose from incessant blowing). Max and Krismon sat and got wet during the Shamu show. Max begged to go on the Journey to Atlantis ride. Krismon took him, I am not that silly. I got a great photo of him after the first drop with a petrified look on his face. lol It was priceless. There was still more to come so afterwards he just kept saying he didn't like the ride..... Then we saw the pet show and that redeemed the day. We stayed in mission beach which was wonderful because once we got naps or rest periods the kids could play at the beach and enjoy the sun, surf and sand. Maggie loved the giant sandbox....
Saturday, Krismon started his golf tournement with his college buddies and Krystine, the kids and I met up with the other moms and kids and a couple of non golfing dads at the wildlife park. I am so glad Krystine was there because there were tons of hills that would have killed me to try and push both kids in the stroller up those monsters. We had a good time wandering around doing the safari bus tour. Then it was nap time then beach time. Later we went over to the single guys beach house for pizza, burgers and hot dogs. I think all the kids scared the single guys out onto the balcony. Quite a few, seemed very afraid to come inside like the kids were going to rub off on them or something.... lol There were a few though that have been around all the kids enough to just enjoy the time having them all together.
Sunday was the Zoo and just Krystine and I and the kids. We really enjoyed the Zoo, it was my favorite place. They have a double decker bus tour that shows 70% of the zoo. It was great since this was even hillier. And they had a sky gondola ride. That was fun too even though you couldn't really see the park but you could see the city a bit. We looked at the animals that we wanted to and skipped the ones we had already seen the prior two days. It was really good. And then Monday morning we were off after breakfast with Krismon's cousins and their family. It was a really great time despite the sickness and now thank goodness I am on antibiotics so hopefully I will get better soon. Such a whirlwind trip that the kids really loved.