Saturday, October 30, 2010

A long time

A glass of wine,  a bit of time. It has been too long.

The last couple of months have flown by. School has taken a front seat and is practically driving this car I call my life. It has been tough, not only the reading but the retaining and using of information but just getting into a new routine. The younger two seem to be getting in the groove but it has been harder for Max. It is not easy to go from having a mom who is there for every pick up and to make sure your homework gets done to being in school an hour longer with Dad picking you up. I am glad that he talks openly to me about his feelings and that he lets me know that he wants to have time with me. I know that the older he gets the challenge will be to get him to actually want to spend time with me.

Maggie seems to be okay but then she gets to have me on Fridays when she is not in school. So she seems to be adjusting okay to 4 full days of school.

Harry doesn't seem to like his siblings going to school except that he likes to be at school and watch all the kids. He really enjoys dropping them off and hanging out for a few minutes on the playground with them. He is such a happy, smiley little guy. He really is good for me. He will pull me off the couch while I am studying or reading to play with him. Can't really deny him and he gives me much needed breaks and keeps life in perspective.

And really Thank goodness I have such a supportive husband because I really couldn't do this without him literally. He switched his schedule and he cooks dinner most days of the week. I just get to swoop in and give kisses and read books at bedtime when I get home from school.

hmm maybe that glass or two of wine is hitting me in a sappy way. lol

Anyway life is pretty good and I just wanted to share.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This weekend and THE midterm from heck

This past weekend was AMAZING. It is hard to describe how fantastic it is to be with such a wide variety of women from all over the country and really just have a great time non stop. We had liberals, conservatives, religious, and not so and yet not one argument. There was truly nothing to argue about. It was just about enjoying and discovering a lot about each other.
I was excited to listen and get to know everyone better and was grateful for the opportunities to enjoy their company. I am hoping this becomes an annual event.

At the same time, I was with all these amazing ladies, I needed to study for a midterm I had yesterday evening. It is in my killer make or break class. I believe I did okay. It was definitely a relief just to be done and have it off my shoulders. Now it is on to the next assignment.

I got my test back from my intro class today. Ugh. I have got to get over my confidence. I thought that I had done pretty darn well.  But I walked away with a b. And I know it is not so bad but I still feel disappointed. It has been a tough semester of relearning how to learn.

I need to learn that tv is not my friend.

And tonight I taped my project. I am hoping that I got it all and that I don't need to redo it. And I am hoping that Thursday will provide more satisfaction on the test front.