Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This weekend and THE midterm from heck

This past weekend was AMAZING. It is hard to describe how fantastic it is to be with such a wide variety of women from all over the country and really just have a great time non stop. We had liberals, conservatives, religious, and not so and yet not one argument. There was truly nothing to argue about. It was just about enjoying and discovering a lot about each other.
I was excited to listen and get to know everyone better and was grateful for the opportunities to enjoy their company. I am hoping this becomes an annual event.

At the same time, I was with all these amazing ladies, I needed to study for a midterm I had yesterday evening. It is in my killer make or break class. I believe I did okay. It was definitely a relief just to be done and have it off my shoulders. Now it is on to the next assignment.

I got my test back from my intro class today. Ugh. I have got to get over my confidence. I thought that I had done pretty darn well.  But I walked away with a b. And I know it is not so bad but I still feel disappointed. It has been a tough semester of relearning how to learn.

I need to learn that tv is not my friend.

And tonight I taped my project. I am hoping that I got it all and that I don't need to redo it. And I am hoping that Thursday will provide more satisfaction on the test front.


  1. Glad you had a great Vegas weekend and still rocked the midterm!

  2. Way to go on midterm! It was so great to meet you!!

  3. My first semester of vet school I got straight B's. No B+, no B-. Which is not a bad record but the worst I'd ever had since...ever LOL. The learning curve was just so steep in the transition from undergrad to advanced degree - not the subject matter necessarily but figuring out HOW to study efficiently and manage my time and write more effectively. I can't imagine doing it years later with 3 kids at home!! It'll come....

  4. I'm soooo glad you came to Vegas, even though I feel a little guilty knowing you needed to study. A B isn't so bad, though. But I totally understand being disappointed--especially if you're an overachiever like me. I feel like my whole life as a parent has become, "Good enough." And really, it's not a bad way to live. LOL. I'm sure you'll keep adjusting and will figure it out. Good luck!

  5. I'm proud of you Hi-d - you are going to be an awesome counselor - and the grades aren't what's going to decide that! Just keep working at it - and you will soon be doing the counseling rather than just studying about it!