Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Is it because of yesterday that regardless of the day, I just am in a better place?

Or is it because I knew I had this 6 mile run and that was the reason I was going to be better?

Or is it because of the run and leaving my kids for the hour that helped? I should ask my husband how that hour went.

Maggie came down sometime between 2-4am with a bloody nose. I didn't clean her up so I don't know for sure but since she has had a few bloody noses lately I wouldn't be surprised. Wake up call that we need to use the humidifier in their room.

And then she was hungry from 3:30 on. At one point, she went in the family room to play her leapster. When we finally got up at 5:50 to see that Max had taken her place with the leapster in the family room. I got her some cheerios and milk and went up to take care of Harry. Thankfully after feeding him, he did go back to sleep even though he was half awake when I put him back down.

My run went well. Juno got me to really run. But Nike's website is having issues. I keep hoping that it will come up with the correct stuff soon. That something will update. I want my goals to reflect what I did today. Seriously I mean I put in the work so it should show that right? I know I am obsessing about this.

My kids are gorging themselves on candy right now so help me maintain my serenity (don't snort too loudly) when they go through the sugar high and then the sugar low. Maybe I will go hide in my closet again today...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What have I learned

So I decided to jump off another blogger's post. Go figure right?
mommynanibooboo -/22-things-ive-learned-as-a-mother

Yeah I don't know how to do pretty link. Okay well it is not so bad. Anyways. Here is my list.

1. I don't know diddly squat.
2. I love my children.
3. I love my children more when they sleep til 6am.
4. That school is my sanity saver.
5. Pandora rocks and rolls.
6. I enjoy being silly with my kids.
7. I enjoy introducing them to knew foods, places and people.
8. By running with Juno, I finally feel like a real runner.
9. I seem to enjoy moving stuff from one room to another with the hope that the stuff has finally found a home until it gets moved again to a new home in hope that this will finally be the right place for the stuff..
10. When you think you understand your child, they do something to keep you on your toes.
11. Toddlers = Teens and vice versa. Though I am still waiting for Max to grow out of the tantrum phase. Please tell me that I will get a few years of sanity from him at some point before the dreaded teens hit.
12. Max has an amazing ear. He has figured out how to play some of the songs from Mamma Mia on his violin.
13. Maggie's hands = fine motor skills. She will be able to play well technically soon. And she likes to make her own music like her brother.
14. I really wish there were do over days.

Sometimes I really dislike myself. This is one of those days. I feel like the worst parent in the world. It starts off on the wrong foot right away. The kids were awake before 6. I don't know if Harry was woken up by them or not but he was awake as well. I had hoped to feed him and put him back down to snooze a little longer. It didn't happen. The kids came out right at 6am loud and happy translates to me being resentful for not getting what I wanted. Notice a theme..... My wants, not my needs.
Harry dumped Juno's water all over. Maggie grabbed towels and started to wipe. I asked Max to help her. Instead he decided to get a plate. It just went downhill from there.
I finally hid in the closet because I didn't want to have conflict. I let Krismon deal with Max because I didn't seem to be doing a very good job of it.
Max had his last scratch test today at the Allergist. I should have realized how bad it was going to be or changed my own attitude. But instead of trying to be light and doing something productive, I did the idiot thing and talked about this morning. BIG STUPID NONONONONO! I should be pounding my head against a wall kind of no no. We got in the back. We got the dots on the back, we got the drops on the back and we got 13 out of the 42 scratches. And then there was every stupidly bad trick in the book to get him to cooperate before finally throwing in the towel. Me= angry and feeling guilty. Him= hurt, hurt, stubborn and angry. Neither of us are winning this war of wills and I need to figure out how to stop it.
I need to recapture my bliss and the bliss with my kids.
How do you capture your happy place especially in the morning? I want to start each day right, no I need to start each day right. And like I tell Maggie, try isn't really an option anymore. Try feels like a cop out or a way of always putting it to the future.
So anything special that you do in the morning and if you were in the same boat as me with kids that wake you up instead of the other way around how do you do it?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fear the future

I know, I know I shouldn't fear what is to come but I am. It is what it is right? This Thursday and Friday, Max doesn't have school. It is Spring Break. Krismon won't be gone but he will be working both days. I need to come up with a plan of action. Things to do to keep them busy but doesn't completely wipe me out. So any ideas people? We will be getting an influx of friends this week for the coming Fools Cup Tournament. Yes, that means this weekend, Krismon will be gone Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday. Mmmmm  Here is hoping we don't kill each other before the end of the weekend.

And then we have a business trip next week and the week after. I am scared, I am going to be really out numbered.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying to understand the weekends

I don't know about all of you but as much as I want to do fun stuff on the weekends, it is hard. Lately, the kids haven't been listening at all on the weekends or one doesn't and the other does. It's really tough. How do you do the fun things when the misbehavior feels constant and it would feel like rewarding said bad behavior?

I wanted to go for a hike today with the kids and get together with some friends for dinner. Max came down last night around 2am and ended up sleeping on our chair. Maggie was up at 5:40. We told them to be able to have more of the candy from the easter egg hunt they did yesterday, they needed to nap. Can we say the end of yesterday was a nightmare?  Too much  candy and craziness. It did not happen. And Max and Maggie have alternated giving us attitude. Max seems to be reverting back to toddlerhood and Maggie seems to have been infused with teen hormones. I am expecting the hairflip any day now. But then just like that the next day she will be super helpful and full of sunshine. Yes she did not nap but she has been pretty helpful to us.

I know that I need to figure something out. I want to do the positive parenting but I am struggling to find all the good. It is hard to see that the funny goof as positive when so often it turns into hurt or being impolite to others. I know that we did it as kids but is it karma. I don't remember us just getting in people's ways and then not excusing ourselves.

Kids are trying to redeem themselves at the moment by organizing their play room. We shall see how it goes.  I am hoping to give copious amounts of praise as I bang my head at my stupidity. Yes sometimes that is me. So Max didn't take his nap and then he decided that Maggie didn't need a nap so then she stood no chance. And Harry didn't get a great nap because of their antics. And then he came tearing downstairs and woke Krismon up from his nap. Yeah great! He sat down and wrote apologies, because I told him to. And then what did I do? Yep you got it. I  criticized his letters.  Bad mommy moment.

Let's hope today ends on a good note. I see wine in my future.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wetlands Park

Yesterday after school, the kids and I went to our local wetlands park. Here is a description from the clark county website...

Clark County Wetlands Park, a 2900-acre, seven- by one-mile strip of land on the eastern edge of the Las Vegas Valley, borders both sides of Las Vegas Wash as it flows past Frenchman Mountain and the red sandstone of Rainbow Gardens  on its way to Lake Mead.
In the largest open space in the Valley, the Park’s trail system encourages public recreation, leading visitors to appreciate the area’s natural wonders and linking to neighboring trail systems, north into Rainbow Gardens and east to the River Mountain and Lake Mead trails.
The Park and adjacent terrain also offer an introduction to the natural sciences, especially  for young people. The Park jewel, the 130-acre Nature Preserve, demonstrates a wetlands ecology, nature’s unmatched water filtering and cleansing system, rich with plant and animal life.
Here is an unusual opportunity to study a desert wetlands, one which transforms polluted urban runoff into clean, healthful water. 

We have been going there for a few years now. The kids enjoy it and so do I. It is very close to the house and anyways. I will let some of the pictures speak for themselves. 

Did I tell you it was windy windy windy yesterday.

A Koi? Wow. This is new...

Harry just wanted to suck and chew on his hat.
Max did a good job taking the picture, didn't he?
Harry was all smiles. Too bad the camera didn't capture it.
And last but not least, can you see the bunny? I couldn't in the viewfinder on the camera so I took it on faith that I captured a picture. There were lots of bunnies. The kids had a great time seeing them all. And at the end, Max was even telling Maggie to be quiet so as not to scare them. lol

Friday, March 26, 2010

Harry is at THAT stage

You know the one where they have to try and pull everything out of your drawers. Here let me show you.

Those are his favorite drawers. He goes to the them everyday. I remember with Max, trying not to be a freak about everything all over the floor. And with Maggie. I have gotten a bit better with him. I figure the third time is a charm.

He moves fast now

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know what is awesome

when your kids don't ask for sweets because the fruits you have in the fridge are more than enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. I love costco because you can get such a large amount of berries in one container. I enjoy them in my cheerios before I go for a run. Maggie has had blueberries and then more blueberries and now she is asking for raspberries.
Yesterday both kids were hungry after the photo shoot. Thankfully Krismon bought a huge vege tray at costco as well so the kids just munched on that while I was getting dinner ready.
Dinner was enjoyable as well. I made turkey sloppy joes. Now, I will need to refine my recipe but it was great to stick so many veges in the pan knowing that it would go in a bun anyways. We had red and yellow peppers, red and green onions, and mushrooms. Added a few dashes of worstershire sauce and some tomato paste and voila sloppy joe. Max was thrilled, Maggie not thrilled at all. Harry ate most of Maggie's food. Did I tell you he is an eater? It thrills me to no end. I can't wait for my mother in law to come as well. She always introduces something new to the kids that they totally end up loving. It's great.
And yesterday or the day before, Maggie was actually asking for salad because 'it's crunchy'. A girl after my own heart....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first time

..... ever taking the kids to get their photos taken at a portrait studio. Who knew that it would be so tough to get them to be good and take a good picture. It was hard to get them to all smile at once.  At least, we did get a few photos that turned out good.
The more candid shots turned out great.

She was excited to wear her sparkly shoes that don't even fit.
And then there is the one that won't sit up straight or give a smile. (Actually all the other ones were so cheesy that this one turned out the best.) He likes to do the senior photo head tilt. 

This is the money shot.

Will I do it again? Yeah will I do more research for a better deal. Oh heck yes or else I really need to learn how to take pictures so I don't need to do it in a studio.


So I was 17 years old before I ever left the country. I went to Germany for almost a year after I graduated from high school as an exchange student. It was a great way to get out and see some of the world and visit my German sister who lived with my family for almost a year a year before that. I didn't live with her but got to travel and see her and her family a few times. She has remained an important person in my life and in my family's life as has her family. She surprised me by flying in for my wedding. A few years later, she coached me before I interviewed for a job. She is just a wonderful woman. And in May, she will be getting married to her girlfriend of about 5 years, Olga. Olga is another wonderful lady who my kids fell in love with right away. And while I wish I could take them, sadly. Eh, well not so sadly they will not be going to her wedding. They are a bit sad not to see their Aunties get married but understand that they have school. Harry is still breast feeding and will be at that time. So today, we finally went down to the post office with all his paperwork and pictures and got his passport started. He will be our youngest traveler at just under a year.
  Maggie and Max went to the Philippines when she was just under two years of age.  Harry will be getting to visit two continents  in just a few months and he won't get to remember any of it. But I look forward to it because his Great Grandfather will get to see him and the kids.
  And for Germany, thankfully my best friend is going with me so we will be doing a two on one, whew! I couldn't imagine traveling overseas with a baby by myself.  I am just looking forward to the travel and seeing our friends and relatives this year in far flung places.
  And now Harry will have his own id.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not looking forward to teen years

So Sunday, I got a taste of what I might potentially go through Maggie. I went to support a friend's friend. My friend had one of those parties, this time it was purse and jewelry. Not my style but oh well. She has spoken about her daughter's tude but I had yet to see it. She decided to unleash it in front of others. Now, I would imagine that this was not only annoying to my friend but also somewhat embarrassing. Cause face it, teen tude really looks a lot like a toddler's tantrum just with a bigger vocabulary.

Monday, we tried yet again to go get Harry's passport only to see that the post office won't take photos of kids under 1. ARGH, me matey. So we went to the handy dandy walmart to do it since it was close by. Krismon met us there but not before I got to watch 4 generations in one spot. A great grandmother, a grandmother, mother and wee baby.  Let's just say 3 out of 4 were behaving and the one not behaving wasn't the baby. I believe and yes I am casting judgement that she is a teen mom. Oh my word, did she have a stinky attitude towards her mom.. I was a bit amazed that she would say such things and be so hostile and maybe this is me not knowing the back story and just be a judgmental bitty. Heck, I know that I can be one of those but even the photographer was shocked. It was not fun to be in that space and have to watch her. (When we got the pictures taken, the photographer had to wait because Harry did not want to stop smiling to get his picture taken. lol She said they usually have the opposite problem.)

Now I have let it be known to Maggie that if she was to have a baby as a teenager that I would have to kill her. To this she says, 'but mom, I already am a mom to my baby dolls.' To which, Krismon replied 'good, keep it that way.'

This morning she was melting down over not getting to wear a white skirt to school and some tie shoes. We were running late and no way was I have that skirt get so dirty that it wouldn't come clean. She was in a groove to just be contrary. Thankfully she came out of it.

PS Max had his second allergy scratch test and still nothing. So no outdoors, no indoors and next we do foods. Wish his back luck next Tuesday....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last week

So since joining the 500 miles in 2010. I have been slowly ramping up my miles but last week was a proud moment for me. I got out everyday and did mileage. Running one day and walking with kids the next. I was pretty excited to be out and about. Plus the dog, oh is he in heaven.
 Today I went to a purse and jewelry party at a friend's house. Her daughter, earlier, had been saying it was cruel to run or bike a dog. I let her know that my dog takes me for runs not the other way around. I am getting faster and faster with his help. Now I try not and let him pull me all the time but it is hard to stop the behaviour when the outcome is positive for me. And he is such a much happier dog for our runs. She was surprised when I let her know how happy Juno is and how sad he is on days that we don't go. Last week, I did 18.83 miles. My nike + shows a combined total of 61.46. I know that my total is a little more than that because I did mileage before getting the nike + but it does feel like this goal is achievable.
The discipline will come into effect when summer hits. That will be a lot harder and more than I am used to. My schedule will have to adjust to running even earlier in the morning so I can try and not melt under the morning sun. It will be either that or the treadmill. I guess I just need to lock away those thoughts and not worry about them until the time comes.
Anyway, today was good just for the fact that Max got out there with me and did a mile. Just the two of us. We did a run walk pattern using blocks. I love kids for their get up and go but most of it goes and then crashes. I am hoping that if we start getting out there together that this might develop into something more for him as well. Maggie, at the moment, likes the walks but I feel like I am dragging her towards the end of the walk.

I just wanted to tell everyone my excitement beyond that, my clothes are fitting better than ever which is vastly rewarding.

So Thanks Laura and Erin for creating this challenge. It was the kick in the pants that I needed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

twofer one

It started out innocently enough

We were going to make a flower.
Some glue and purple tissue paper.

She giggled that the paper stuck to her fingers.

Happy girl, pretty project

So nice she made it for her friend.

Umm this is what happens when you get distracted and they get crazy with their craft supplies.

PS do you like how the headband is barely on her head, more like a tiara.

Family Values and Family Rules

So we have both of the above framed so that we can see them and the kids can see them and Max can read them aloud or to himself. I did this a year or so ago so that we could be as transparent as possible in our parenting. Do I break the rules? Yes Do I live by the Values? I try, really I do. Anyways here they are...

Master photographer, I am not. Now the reason I showed them was well so you coud see them. Why did I bring it up?
This morning, Max was talking about how smart he is. 

'What do the kids in your class say when you tell them that?'

'They tell me to be quiet, that they don't want to hear me tell them that.'

'Well, do you think it is good to go around saying that?'

'No, I need to learn to be humble. We need to add that to our family values. When I grow up and have children, I will have it on our list.'

hmmm I guess that was one that I forgot.

And now for a shamelessly cute picture of Harry.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It feels like a wwe wrestling match every time I change Harry's diaper.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Must pack snacks for the kids so I can go to the library, book store and grocery store after school. And then still cook dinner. It wears me out just thinking about taking all 3 kids, 3 different places.

I am thinking of switching my shirt later just so my husband will pinch me. lol.

I must buy Max a journal. I think he needs to get some of his thoughts down on paper. Shh and also practice his handwriting.

I think Harry is teething again. My God this child already has 8 teeth. I swear he is just trying hard to catch up to his brother and sister.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last Wednesday,  I went to the parent/teacher conference at school for Maggie. I am not sure why but I don't feel in tune with her learning. Some of this is, of course, my own fault among other reasons but it does produce a tad bit of guilt.

Max is an open book. He started signing quickly when he was 14 months old. He wanted us to understand what he knew and was eager to communicate. He has always been excited by knowledge and is our little performer. This is good and bad. I want him to be satisfied with his own performance and not always expect praise for his accomplishments. But besides that, it has made life very easy because we knew him like an open book.

Maggie... She is a whole other creature. She is smart but we don't really know how smart. And the things that motivate Max don't seem to motivate her in the same way. Yes she likes praise but that is not her driving force. I wonder if she has really connected with her teachers or if they get her. It is a pretty big class. She doesn't want to work independently but with her teacher. Though I wonder if that is really true since she is capable of playing very independently at home. Is she working the teacher like she has worked us? She loves to act and is good at the drama queen bit. Anyway, I just don't feel like I have a good handle on her academically or how to help her succeed further. And at school, she really wants to have the kindergarten teacher as her teacher. Ms. Jazmine has made a huge impression on her.  I wish that I could switch her just because it seems like she would be more motivated. Or I am just reading too much into this and need to back off and relax.  I mean for goodness sakes, she is only 3. I guess I am just having a mom moment. I just need to let her keep her kidhood  and not feel the pressure of academics.

Monday, March 15, 2010

scratch test and hives

So yesterday, we smoked another brisket and had friends over who will be moving soon to Texas. Fitting right... It was great to sit and relax while all the kids played upstairs. Of course, the younger two kept coming down to tattle, mostly on Max. We kept telling them what they should say and do until finally we said just to leave him if he wasn't going to be nice. I don't know when we noticed it but during one of our many diaper changes, we saw that Harry had either hives or heat rash. I don't know how it could be heat rash so I am really thinking it has to be hives. So on that note, he got a dose of benedryl. He seemed to be doing better. Fast forward today. (oh and the brisket was awesome, the company was fantastic, the kids had a blast and were even crazier after we ate! while we parents were in a bit of a food coma)

Okay and now today. Max had his allergist appt today. I figured it would be like most doctors, they see you for two minutes after way 35 minutes only to tell us to make another appt for the scratch test, etc. Nah.... Instead it still took probably a half hour to fill out forms and then another 10 minutes of waiting, thank goodness for the kindness of other kid's grandparents, before we went into the inner sanctum. The nurse checked his ears, then he did the candle test. We went to another room and we met the doctor a few minutes later. Actually just as I was finishing changing Harry's diaper. Nothing like being on the floor when the doctor comes in.... And yet again, Harry had the darn rash! Ugh. And at the allergist's office. But it wasn't like I could ask them for medicine since then I would probably have to fill out more forms. Max did a breathing treatment and then a scratch test to check for grass, trees and bushes. Nada on that score which is good so he can play outside. He did the breath test again and the doctor did say he thinks Max has asthma. I am hoping that it isn't serious. Next Tuesday, we get to go back and get him tested for food allergies. Oh and the scratch part, not fun to watch. Poor kid was all kinds of squirmy. I blew on his back but luckily he didn't react so nothing itched.

Here is hoping that it is nothing serious with Harry and that his rash goes away soon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The case of the gimmes

There is a Berenstein Bears book about the gimmes. The kids keep asking for everything and the father seems to do the same thing. I am going to have to go back and read it not only for my reference but to my kids. I just spent a pleasant hour or so at the store with Max asking for everything under the sun. I mean every aisle he would find something he needed down to toddler mac and cheese! Really you are 6 yrs old and you need toddler 'rip off' mac and cheese? I kept telling him no and no and no and no and no and no and no. And I told to stop asking for things. We got to the check out and again he was asking for a pez dispenser and candy. Thank you people who put that cra, I mean, stuff at the check out so that our kids can drive us a little wilder and maybe wear us down. No..... I finally let him hear what I had heard through the entire store.... 'Can I have this, can I have that, I want this, I really want that, please can I have this, come on, let me have it, please, can I have this, can I have that, please, I really want it, really, I want it, please can I have it.....' I, then, asked, if that sounded like a good boy thing to do while we are shopping from a list or a not good boy thing to do. Yeah, he was not pleased to answer that but then he has been pleased this whole day. Nor have I been pleased with his less than helpful attitude.

Anyways that is a digression. When we got home, Krismon pointed out that I should have set expectations before we ever got into the store. Next time...

These things just don't write themselves.

The last few days have been hard to figure out what I want to write about. 

mommytime- a definite must, Thank goodness for friends and babysitters

Playgroup- another must, letting both mom and kids socialize and nosh.

Why doors should not be slammed? Maggie's side of her hand was smashed and she had a white line with blood blisters adding some color to the ouchie. 

Thanks to frozen peas for making such a good way to dampen the pain and work on getting blood flow back to the area. 

Thanks costco for yummy tomato soup and spinach ravioli. It makes a good lent dinner. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whisper, whisper, whisper

Last night, when I tucked Max into bed after reading more Harry Potter to him and shut the door, I heard him start to whisper with Maggie. I didn't stick around to hear what they were saying but I can imagine it went something like this...

"Maggie, we need to decide who is going to be the good child tomorrow."

"Well, Max, you were the bad child today, I was the bad child the day before. I think I will bad tomorrow. And I will start at the crack of dawn so that when you make your debut you will definitely have their positive attention. (because you know a 3.75 would say something like that!)."

"That sounds like a good plan, but... I really think I should throw a few zingers to keep them off balance as well."

"Okay but I really want to be the villain in the play that is tomorrow."



Cut to this morning at 5:30. "I want my bear, daddy come find my bear."

"Maggie, you already got me up once this night, let me sleep."

"NOOO, DADDY (channel Whitney Housten saying  "Bobbyyyy, bobbby") I WANT MY BEAR. COME WITH ME TO FIND MY BEAR!"

Now after this point, I really couldn't tell you what she said through all the screaming and crying and carrying on. But yeah, I got up. Krismon went back to sleep. I turned on my coffee and the news. Maggie calmed down and sat next to me. Max came down 15 minutes later. He, then, began to take our breakfast orders around 6am. Yes, he was going to be the breakfast chef with his helper Maggie. It seemed every 5 minutes Maggie was having a melt down. It was a long morning but was so happy to have the lot of them out of the house and Harry down for a nap. I let the morning just be after that. We shall see if Maggie continues in her choice or changes her mind. She was good at lunch, so there is hope.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

So as if Harry hasn't gone through enough, we decided to go and get dim sum. The kids eat heartily when we go. It is awesome to see your kids enjoy foods that some people look at with suspicion. We thought that we would try Harry on some porridge. yeah not one of my brightest ideas. It had century egg in it. I won't go into what a century egg is, you can google it. Needless to say, it really makes the best porridge. What did it do for Harry? We think it gave him hives..... I think we may have gotten lazy in our food parenting.
  You would think we would know by now, Maggie with her issues with citrus and strawberries. Max is going in soon to get his testing done so we can figure out what he is allergic to.

Here is where my rant comes in.... It feels likes allergies are on the frickin' rise. Everyone now seems to be born with them and those that weren't born with them will get them. What does that say about our world right now? So the flavored water that I grew up drinking in Iowa affected the foods that we eat/ate. Now in the last few years, we find out our meat being fed antibiotics that ends up compromising our health because then we are sick we might not get well as easily because of antibiotic resistance. Are we really that greedy? Do we really need to eat that much that our food needs all the added crap to make it bigger and look nicer. I remember that the crappiest looking apples usually tasted the best. Now you can't even buy those apples because they won't set them out at the grocery store. hmmm I know it doesn't probably all make sense or I could get off my high horse and just buy all organic everything so that I know exactly where everything comes from.

I just remember that as a kid then only things that people seemed allergic to was strawberries and bees and sometimes peanut butter. And now... What have we done to our world?

Okay I guess that rant stole the show.... But I guess this is a good lesson to make sure that I take my time with his food and not feed him something before he should have it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monster Maggie

Last night, we decided to let Maggie go with Max and Krismon to the basketball game at the Orleans. She has been cooped up all week. Like totally cooped up. She got her fever on Sunday and so the only places she has been is the doctors office. No school, no playgroup. And I probably haven't helped by being pooped out by both her night wakings and Harry's. Last night was a bit better, I did not get woken up until 4am.  But then Max came down around 5 am and crawled onto the chair to sleep some more. Then Maggie came down around 5:40 wanting to crawl into bed with us.

Thus began the monster, she screamed and hit Krismon and was generally belligerent. I finally got up at quarter to 6 because I didn't want to hear her nonsense anymore. Her behavior continued to be peachy. I guess the one good thing I can say is that she is in touch with her feelings. "I AM SO FRUSTRATED!"  It doesn't always come out perfect but she does let us know her feelings (Sometimes it is hard not to chuckle.)

This morning was really a Maggie morning. She decided that two couches weren't good enough to sit on that she needed to sit on Max who was laying on the ottoman and then was upset when she ended up on the floor not once but twice.

And then there was her decision to swing her baby doll like a baseball bat at Max. Lovely. All the while I am trying to get ready to take her to ballet and then violin. She did well at ballet but violin was attitude central.

She was being cheeky to be cheeky. I was ready to throw in the towel. I am not sure where her pent up frustration is coming from but ugh....

She and Max must have decided to trade roles of bad choice bomber.  It was rough getting her to go take her nap. But here is hoping that she wakes up in a better frame of mind.

Harry is still  having a rough go of it. He is not really happy at the moment. He's not wanting to eat as much but then he needs to eat because the antibiotics are hard on the tummy. I think I need to get to the grocery store to get him some more baby snacks to tempt his palate so it won't be so upset from medicine. And please cross fingers that his fever finally breaks today.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I need time with Max

I mean I really need time with Max. For 2 and a half years, it was the two of us most days. Adding Maggie in wasn't difficult or at least it didn't seem to be. He was a stubbornly easy kid. I mean he was a stubborn baby. Yes, stubborn but generally he was easy. We got on well, I feel like when we started potty training that was where our heads butted the most. I know that isn't the one event. I think my on line friends have it right, they talk about 3.75 being a tough age. I am wondering if that coincides with my troubles with Max. He digs in his heals and all of a sudden, we are off and running. I need to reconnect with him so that we can build a more solid relationship. 

I know that it is tough on him being the oldest having the other two take some of his time. We haven't been reading the Harry Potter books the last few weeks for various reasons and I know that needs to be changed. I am hoping to go see 'Alice in Wonderland' with Max on Sunday. He wants to see if today, since it came out. I guess we have hit the commercial age with him and by virtue of being siblings Maggie as well. She SAYS she wants to see Alice in Wonderland as well but that isn't happening. I do not believe she is ready for it.
I, also, know that Maggie needs that individual time with us. I had found something for her and I to do that was special.

Krismon surprised all of us when he said that he got tickets to a game tonight. Max is going to watch basketball with Krismon. I am glad that they are going to have some time out. They need it too.

I want our kids to have special time with us so I am still searching for those times that we can be out alone for some one on one time.  What does everyone else do for their one on one time with their kids?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A wondering

So we went in today to get Maggie checked out again and Harry checked out. Maggie still had a fever this morning and she had a slight fever this afternoon. The doctor was concerned that if she had the fever more 3 days then it would be more than a virus. Well, she has a cough from post nasal drip.  This is my wondering, he thinks she has a sinus infection so he gave us a script for antibiotics and it is because it has been more days. But I wonder if I should have asked if I should have let it go and see if she could have gotten over her sinus infection on her own or if the antibiotics are absolutely necessary.

And Harry was diagnosed with another ear infection, of course, in the other ear. Would it have been better for him to try and get over it on his own or are antibiotics a better way to heal?  I think with Harry, probably yes. He had a fever last night and in the middle of the night, he was super warm. He got a dose of tylenol around 2 or so and then some ibuprofin around 6 so by the time we got in to see the doctor around noon his temp had climbed to 103. He was a sad guy. The receptionist had to stop talking to me about Monique's open marriage because she couldn't bear to look at poor Harry's face. He was miserable and tired.

At least I enjoy going to the doctor's office. The women in the office are a crack up. They have the right amount of humor mixed with sarcasm which is pretty refreshing and helps relieve the worry.
 I am really hoping that that I don't get to the point where we are first name basis though. Last time I was in they asked where their lunch was. Yes it feels like we have been way too much. Where as with Max, I only went in for well checks I think the first year.  Were we bad parents or just lucky with him? Maybe it is the fact that we have school age children so they bring home all sorts of crap or maybe because when we went in on Monday, Harry was crawling in the reception area. I just didn't have it in me to keep him from crawling and I guess I am not anal enough about wiping him down.

Enough second guessing the whole point is... am I medicating them too much or would their bodies get over it on their own?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


She is imaginative, happy, dynamic, loving. Maggie is generous and helpful. She likes spending time with others but equally enjoys her time to herself. She is quick to hug and kiss. She will just as quickly be snotty but will back down. If she doesn't like something, nothing will get her to finish it, I mean food wise. She would rather toss her cookies or gag than finish a bite of something she has deemed unworthy for her stomach.

As I sit here watching Jessica Simpson on Oprah talking about the pressure women feel to be thin or beautiful, I worry. I worry for Maggie who is such a girlie girl, I was a tomboy growing up. I loved being around my mom's MaryKay business but in reality I was usually playing outdoor games not barbies or dolls. Or I made a giraffe out of paper towel tubes and toilet roll tubes and something else, just cause. Maggie makes herself into a gypsy because she puts so many things in her hair to make herself  'pretty'. It concerns me that she puts too much attention on how she looks versus who she is inside, both in her brain and heart.
 Watching the rest of the show with the kids was crazy because they talked about leg lengthening and the plastic surgery craze in China. I feel in some ways that I am doing what my mom did just differently. My mom and sisters were always on diets. Or so it seemed. Heck I would do them kind of just for s.... and giggles. Now it isn't really about diet as it is about all the shows about beauty. I am as guilty as the next. I get sucked in to those shows like 'What not to wear' or Maggie's favorite 'Say yes to the dress'.  I do try and keep most of the guilty pleasures from her because I don't want her to have hang ups. It's more her than anything that would keep me from getting plastic surgery. I want for her to have or learn to have confidence in herself for who she is. It's really hard when she asks if she is pretty. I think she is beautiful inside and out but how do you explain that to a 3 yo except to tell her that I do think she is pretty but I think her being smart is even prettier than her outward appearance. Not that she really understands, I am just hoping that if I say it often enough she will internalize it and accept it as a mantle for her to embrace and wear proudly.
  Another wonderful quark about Maggie is that she likes to keep her knowledge close to her vest. She doesn't necessarily let us know how much she knows. I realize that this will change in time as she heads into kindergarten and beyond but for right now it is both wondrous and frustrating at the same time. You can see the cogs turning in her head as she decides what she wants us to know. She enjoys driving Max crazy with her imagination. Who knows if she will drive Harry crazy as well...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maggie's turn

So our little hypochondriac has finally gotten her wish. Max has been sick off and on for a few weeks now. And Harry not only just requires a certain level of care but had an ear infection as well a few weeks ago.  So Maggie has been saying every little thing hurts until finally two nights ago, she complained of a headache right before going to sleep. I told her that she was probably tired and that she should go to sleep so she can feel better. She woke up later, definitely not well. We gave her motrin and put her back to bed on our chair with a blanket and pillow. With Max's sore legs and her fever, we decided it was best to take them to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything more serious because then I would feel absolutely horrible about going to the party on Sunday. The doctor tested her for flu, thank goodness that was negative. He checked Max and said that most likely the soreness was from his high fever. I didn't even consider it that way. Luckily, he woke up this morning all better. I am glad he got to go back to school. whew. Krismon flew to Ky today for work and I couldn't imagine being home with all 3 of them while 2 are sick and one is a baby. He gets home tomorrow night after the kids are a sleep. I know he feels bad for having to go so I am hoping that we can keep everything running smoothly.

Poor kid woke up around 4:30 in the morning, pretty darn hot and coughing. It's rough to see the kids sick. She was back on my chair finishing her night's sleep with pillow and blanket.  I am hoping that she will get better quicker. Her fever hasn't been as high as Max's was. I know she will miss this week's school but better safe than sorry. But now this is a sickness that she can own. She can say she is sick and it's real! Ahhhhhh! (do you hear the choir of angels?)

Now can I get Max to be as helpful as she was while he was sick? Any guesses?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tried and failed but really succeeded in the end

So last month I tried to blog everyday. It was more about getting back into the habit of blogging and reading blogs and keeping up with friends that I have made in cyberspace. It feels good to get back into the habit. I am hoping it will help me become more organized with my thoughts at some point as well. Though probably not since I generally write stream of consciousness.
  It is so different for kids nowadays. I am sitting here on my laptop. Max is on the Mac researching Vancouver and the winter olympics for school while Maggie is laying on the floor with her leapster. They are both home from school for different reasons. Max has had some horrible cramping problems and Maggie has a fever. I am not sure if they are related since Max had a fever the end of last week and then went straight into cramping. We are/went to the doctor. He said that Max's soreness if probably due to the fever and it might take a week for legs to fully recover. Just what I wanted to hear.  (yeah no sarcasm in that statement or anything) The kid has been whiney, I mean WHINEYYYYY. I am happy that he gets to go back to school tomorrow and that he is okay. They did a flu check on Maggie and luckily that came back negative. whew! I would hate to think that we could get other kids sick from going to the party yesterday. I really hope no other kids get this. I think it is called Mommy guilt..... And hopefully Maggie's fever goes away after today.
 Harry has been good and he got shells and cheese for lunch today. The baby just gets new foods all the time now. I just didn't want to try and cram anymore stuff in my bag. Good to know he likes ricotta cheese. Hopefully his big body is ready for it.