Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Values and Family Rules

So we have both of the above framed so that we can see them and the kids can see them and Max can read them aloud or to himself. I did this a year or so ago so that we could be as transparent as possible in our parenting. Do I break the rules? Yes Do I live by the Values? I try, really I do. Anyways here they are...

Master photographer, I am not. Now the reason I showed them was well so you coud see them. Why did I bring it up?
This morning, Max was talking about how smart he is. 

'What do the kids in your class say when you tell them that?'

'They tell me to be quiet, that they don't want to hear me tell them that.'

'Well, do you think it is good to go around saying that?'

'No, I need to learn to be humble. We need to add that to our family values. When I grow up and have children, I will have it on our list.'

hmmm I guess that was one that I forgot.

And now for a shamelessly cute picture of Harry.


  1. I like the rules and Max's addition. Very sweet that he understands at such a young age.

    And, what a great picture of Harry!

  2. I LOVE this idea and will be copying you shortly! We have the values and expectations, but I never thought to post them. Thanks!