Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maggie's turn

So our little hypochondriac has finally gotten her wish. Max has been sick off and on for a few weeks now. And Harry not only just requires a certain level of care but had an ear infection as well a few weeks ago.  So Maggie has been saying every little thing hurts until finally two nights ago, she complained of a headache right before going to sleep. I told her that she was probably tired and that she should go to sleep so she can feel better. She woke up later, definitely not well. We gave her motrin and put her back to bed on our chair with a blanket and pillow. With Max's sore legs and her fever, we decided it was best to take them to the doctor to make sure it wasn't anything more serious because then I would feel absolutely horrible about going to the party on Sunday. The doctor tested her for flu, thank goodness that was negative. He checked Max and said that most likely the soreness was from his high fever. I didn't even consider it that way. Luckily, he woke up this morning all better. I am glad he got to go back to school. whew. Krismon flew to Ky today for work and I couldn't imagine being home with all 3 of them while 2 are sick and one is a baby. He gets home tomorrow night after the kids are a sleep. I know he feels bad for having to go so I am hoping that we can keep everything running smoothly.

Poor kid woke up around 4:30 in the morning, pretty darn hot and coughing. It's rough to see the kids sick. She was back on my chair finishing her night's sleep with pillow and blanket.  I am hoping that she will get better quicker. Her fever hasn't been as high as Max's was. I know she will miss this week's school but better safe than sorry. But now this is a sickness that she can own. She can say she is sick and it's real! Ahhhhhh! (do you hear the choir of angels?)

Now can I get Max to be as helpful as she was while he was sick? Any guesses?

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