Monday, March 1, 2010

Tried and failed but really succeeded in the end

So last month I tried to blog everyday. It was more about getting back into the habit of blogging and reading blogs and keeping up with friends that I have made in cyberspace. It feels good to get back into the habit. I am hoping it will help me become more organized with my thoughts at some point as well. Though probably not since I generally write stream of consciousness.
  It is so different for kids nowadays. I am sitting here on my laptop. Max is on the Mac researching Vancouver and the winter olympics for school while Maggie is laying on the floor with her leapster. They are both home from school for different reasons. Max has had some horrible cramping problems and Maggie has a fever. I am not sure if they are related since Max had a fever the end of last week and then went straight into cramping. We are/went to the doctor. He said that Max's soreness if probably due to the fever and it might take a week for legs to fully recover. Just what I wanted to hear.  (yeah no sarcasm in that statement or anything) The kid has been whiney, I mean WHINEYYYYY. I am happy that he gets to go back to school tomorrow and that he is okay. They did a flu check on Maggie and luckily that came back negative. whew! I would hate to think that we could get other kids sick from going to the party yesterday. I really hope no other kids get this. I think it is called Mommy guilt..... And hopefully Maggie's fever goes away after today.
 Harry has been good and he got shells and cheese for lunch today. The baby just gets new foods all the time now. I just didn't want to try and cram anymore stuff in my bag. Good to know he likes ricotta cheese. Hopefully his big body is ready for it.

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