Thursday, March 25, 2010

You know what is awesome

when your kids don't ask for sweets because the fruits you have in the fridge are more than enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. I love costco because you can get such a large amount of berries in one container. I enjoy them in my cheerios before I go for a run. Maggie has had blueberries and then more blueberries and now she is asking for raspberries.
Yesterday both kids were hungry after the photo shoot. Thankfully Krismon bought a huge vege tray at costco as well so the kids just munched on that while I was getting dinner ready.
Dinner was enjoyable as well. I made turkey sloppy joes. Now, I will need to refine my recipe but it was great to stick so many veges in the pan knowing that it would go in a bun anyways. We had red and yellow peppers, red and green onions, and mushrooms. Added a few dashes of worstershire sauce and some tomato paste and voila sloppy joe. Max was thrilled, Maggie not thrilled at all. Harry ate most of Maggie's food. Did I tell you he is an eater? It thrills me to no end. I can't wait for my mother in law to come as well. She always introduces something new to the kids that they totally end up loving. It's great.
And yesterday or the day before, Maggie was actually asking for salad because 'it's crunchy'. A girl after my own heart....

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  1. I should try that with Autumn, putting fruit in her cheerios... she used to eat just about anything for me, and lately she's gotten sort of picky! Ugh!