Monday, March 15, 2010

scratch test and hives

So yesterday, we smoked another brisket and had friends over who will be moving soon to Texas. Fitting right... It was great to sit and relax while all the kids played upstairs. Of course, the younger two kept coming down to tattle, mostly on Max. We kept telling them what they should say and do until finally we said just to leave him if he wasn't going to be nice. I don't know when we noticed it but during one of our many diaper changes, we saw that Harry had either hives or heat rash. I don't know how it could be heat rash so I am really thinking it has to be hives. So on that note, he got a dose of benedryl. He seemed to be doing better. Fast forward today. (oh and the brisket was awesome, the company was fantastic, the kids had a blast and were even crazier after we ate! while we parents were in a bit of a food coma)

Okay and now today. Max had his allergist appt today. I figured it would be like most doctors, they see you for two minutes after way 35 minutes only to tell us to make another appt for the scratch test, etc. Nah.... Instead it still took probably a half hour to fill out forms and then another 10 minutes of waiting, thank goodness for the kindness of other kid's grandparents, before we went into the inner sanctum. The nurse checked his ears, then he did the candle test. We went to another room and we met the doctor a few minutes later. Actually just as I was finishing changing Harry's diaper. Nothing like being on the floor when the doctor comes in.... And yet again, Harry had the darn rash! Ugh. And at the allergist's office. But it wasn't like I could ask them for medicine since then I would probably have to fill out more forms. Max did a breathing treatment and then a scratch test to check for grass, trees and bushes. Nada on that score which is good so he can play outside. He did the breath test again and the doctor did say he thinks Max has asthma. I am hoping that it isn't serious. Next Tuesday, we get to go back and get him tested for food allergies. Oh and the scratch part, not fun to watch. Poor kid was all kinds of squirmy. I blew on his back but luckily he didn't react so nothing itched.

Here is hoping that it is nothing serious with Harry and that his rash goes away soon.

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