Monday, March 29, 2010

Fear the future

I know, I know I shouldn't fear what is to come but I am. It is what it is right? This Thursday and Friday, Max doesn't have school. It is Spring Break. Krismon won't be gone but he will be working both days. I need to come up with a plan of action. Things to do to keep them busy but doesn't completely wipe me out. So any ideas people? We will be getting an influx of friends this week for the coming Fools Cup Tournament. Yes, that means this weekend, Krismon will be gone Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday. Mmmmm  Here is hoping we don't kill each other before the end of the weekend.

And then we have a business trip next week and the week after. I am scared, I am going to be really out numbered.

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  1. Call me!! I'm serious. I work this week but I'm off every other week (i.e. next week). My husband is still out of town (12 days and counting) and I hate to admit I was SO HAPPY to go to work this morning after 9 days/nights of just me and the boys LOL. I work through Saturday and then I'm off for another week...