Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My first time

..... ever taking the kids to get their photos taken at a portrait studio. Who knew that it would be so tough to get them to be good and take a good picture. It was hard to get them to all smile at once.  At least, we did get a few photos that turned out good.
The more candid shots turned out great.

She was excited to wear her sparkly shoes that don't even fit.
And then there is the one that won't sit up straight or give a smile. (Actually all the other ones were so cheesy that this one turned out the best.) He likes to do the senior photo head tilt. 

This is the money shot.

Will I do it again? Yeah will I do more research for a better deal. Oh heck yes or else I really need to learn how to take pictures so I don't need to do it in a studio.


  1. Oh Heidi that last picture is just beautiful. Your kids are beyond adorable and I can not believe how big they are now! We sure miss you guys!

  2. The kids look great - could you send me a couple of the photos - I'd love to print them out and put them up for Joshua to look at - he's finally noticing the photos on the wall - and really starting to study them!

  3. Love the last picture! I am impressed that you got all 3 kids to cooperate for a picture. I have a rough time getting 2 of them together.