Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not looking forward to teen years

So Sunday, I got a taste of what I might potentially go through Maggie. I went to support a friend's friend. My friend had one of those parties, this time it was purse and jewelry. Not my style but oh well. She has spoken about her daughter's tude but I had yet to see it. She decided to unleash it in front of others. Now, I would imagine that this was not only annoying to my friend but also somewhat embarrassing. Cause face it, teen tude really looks a lot like a toddler's tantrum just with a bigger vocabulary.

Monday, we tried yet again to go get Harry's passport only to see that the post office won't take photos of kids under 1. ARGH, me matey. So we went to the handy dandy walmart to do it since it was close by. Krismon met us there but not before I got to watch 4 generations in one spot. A great grandmother, a grandmother, mother and wee baby.  Let's just say 3 out of 4 were behaving and the one not behaving wasn't the baby. I believe and yes I am casting judgement that she is a teen mom. Oh my word, did she have a stinky attitude towards her mom.. I was a bit amazed that she would say such things and be so hostile and maybe this is me not knowing the back story and just be a judgmental bitty. Heck, I know that I can be one of those but even the photographer was shocked. It was not fun to be in that space and have to watch her. (When we got the pictures taken, the photographer had to wait because Harry did not want to stop smiling to get his picture taken. lol She said they usually have the opposite problem.)

Now I have let it be known to Maggie that if she was to have a baby as a teenager that I would have to kill her. To this she says, 'but mom, I already am a mom to my baby dolls.' To which, Krismon replied 'good, keep it that way.'

This morning she was melting down over not getting to wear a white skirt to school and some tie shoes. We were running late and no way was I have that skirt get so dirty that it wouldn't come clean. She was in a groove to just be contrary. Thankfully she came out of it.

PS Max had his second allergy scratch test and still nothing. So no outdoors, no indoors and next we do foods. Wish his back luck next Tuesday....

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