Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying to understand the weekends

I don't know about all of you but as much as I want to do fun stuff on the weekends, it is hard. Lately, the kids haven't been listening at all on the weekends or one doesn't and the other does. It's really tough. How do you do the fun things when the misbehavior feels constant and it would feel like rewarding said bad behavior?

I wanted to go for a hike today with the kids and get together with some friends for dinner. Max came down last night around 2am and ended up sleeping on our chair. Maggie was up at 5:40. We told them to be able to have more of the candy from the easter egg hunt they did yesterday, they needed to nap. Can we say the end of yesterday was a nightmare?  Too much  candy and craziness. It did not happen. And Max and Maggie have alternated giving us attitude. Max seems to be reverting back to toddlerhood and Maggie seems to have been infused with teen hormones. I am expecting the hairflip any day now. But then just like that the next day she will be super helpful and full of sunshine. Yes she did not nap but she has been pretty helpful to us.

I know that I need to figure something out. I want to do the positive parenting but I am struggling to find all the good. It is hard to see that the funny goof as positive when so often it turns into hurt or being impolite to others. I know that we did it as kids but is it karma. I don't remember us just getting in people's ways and then not excusing ourselves.

Kids are trying to redeem themselves at the moment by organizing their play room. We shall see how it goes.  I am hoping to give copious amounts of praise as I bang my head at my stupidity. Yes sometimes that is me. So Max didn't take his nap and then he decided that Maggie didn't need a nap so then she stood no chance. And Harry didn't get a great nap because of their antics. And then he came tearing downstairs and woke Krismon up from his nap. Yeah great! He sat down and wrote apologies, because I told him to. And then what did I do? Yep you got it. I  criticized his letters.  Bad mommy moment.

Let's hope today ends on a good note. I see wine in my future.


  1. On the weekends, our house looks like even more of a tornado hit it and I struggle with getting things done. During the week, I have a pretty good routine going. If only it could continue to the weekend.....

    By the way, I love your new blog look!

  2. Dude, I feel you on the bad weekends. I'm sitting tucked between a Trio fire house and a hot wheels carrier and tripped over a bunch of Thomas tracks to get here. We won some battles, but not this one. I'd have a drink but I'm afraid Michael might wake up sick again. Doh.

  3. OMG the weekends...they should be "easier" because that's when me and hubby are both home to handle things but of course that means we always have so much to do. And as we all know small children do not do well with running errands or behaving for more than 20 minutes at a time LOL. Then we're all tired but little people are so excited to have mommy and daddy home that they refuse to nap, act insane, and use any fun activity as an excuse to lose their minds. Can you tell I also "love" the weekend?
    Remember the old days when a weekend meant sleeping in, late breakfast, maybe a leisurely hike, a movie in the afternoon...

  4. Aww, don't worry, we all have "bad mommy moments". The positive is that they were, as you said, redeeming themselves. All I can say is when the whining and complaining and fighting gets to be too much, that is when I put them all in the car, give them a treat, and just drive looking for something. The other day, we went looking for horses. The car is often my only link to sanity. Music, wind from the windows, a treat.....hang in there, H.