Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where did I go?

I know it has been a long time since I have been on. Not good really but life seems to have gotten in the way of my trying to blog and keep up with blogs.

1st- We had sickness. I posted about Maggie but then Krismon got some form of the virus and then I got another. Mine involved these migraine like headaches that migrain medicine couldn't solve.

2nd- We had family come for a visit. Good news though because of the sickness, I actually looked for a primary care physician for my husband and I. Now we just need to go get physicals. I guess with family visiting, I figured out how to no longer be sick. It was a whirlwind visit. I might write a post on that later.

3rd- We have a camping trip this weekend to celebrate Krismon's birthday which was yesterday. And I have had a fever for 3 days. I think it broke last night. Krismon covered me in a blanket. I think out of annoyance that he was getting up with the kids if they woke up at night. So in desperation, he wanted to break that fever so that I could be the one to get up with the kids.

So those are the many reasons why I haven't been on and now I better publish before something interrupts this post.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why we love bass pro shops

It has taxidermy. Now before you get all grossed out and believe me I was the first time I thought about going there... It is really cool. It is a gigantic store and it has animals from all over the world stuffed all the way up to a giraffe.

They have party boats that you can get on and check out. Now I would not buy one because I don't want to be tied down to going to a lake every week to get my money out of it but it did bring back memories of fishing on our little pontoon in mn every summer and jumping off it to go swimming. These were just a tiny bit nicer and bigger with a few more amenities. How about a ton more of everything.

Yesterday when we went, we went with some friends who had not been before. You could see their eyes light up with enjoyment taking in everything from the gigantic fishtanks to the gun range to the camping equipment. My eyes lit up at the fact that the kids were outnumbered. I knew that I wouldn't be quite so frazzled at the end of our time there because Krismon and I wouldn't be the only set of eyes on the kids.

It is one of those excess stores so I generally look but don't touch. Besides the fact that I am trying to bring down my and the families eco footprint. Okay so I haven't made concrete plans for how to do that besides recycling as much as I can.

Hmmm how did this change? Anyways back to the store. The animals are really pretty cool to go and look at and show the kids up close because they aren't likely to see many of these animals that close or I wouldn't want them to. So if you are ever near a bass pro shop, I suggest you check it out and take your kids.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My poor sick kid

Well to be truthful, she is not really sick today. I feel bad though because Wednesday, we went to a playdate and she was ultra cranky. We left earlier than usual and she slept hard. Krismon brought home dinner, she did not eat.... Okay this is the part where you cover your ears or rather your eyes or click somewhere else. She ended up tossing her cookies on the table. Poor thing.

The funny part, if there is one, Max, ironstomach(his new nickname), just kept on eating. We cleaned the table up and got Maggie cleaned up. She ended up tossing more cookies over the night and slept with us. Yesterday was not much better. She didn't eat so there wasn't much to get rid of and she slept quite a bit. She ate a bit. She slept in our room on a blow up bed. Tonight though she will be sleeping in her bed (though check back with me tomorrow, we are both too big of softies with her.)

Today, she ate. And Max is now stitchless thanks to our hmmm what was it at least an hour or more wait for them to be removed. Know how long it took for them to be gone? I would hazard a guess that our ped was with us a total of 15 min. I think I need to find a new practice. Either that or start billing him for all the extra time that I have to spend keeping my kids entertained while waiting. On the drive home, Maggie fell asleep and slept 3 or so hours.

And she shared so nicely with her friend, Sierra! At least she shared something instead of screeching. Oh wait she did that too...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sloppy Joes

So this seems like a right of passage if you are kid, you need to eat a sloppy joe. Well I am planning to make it for dinner. In fact, I have everything cut up ready to go down the the garlic smelly fingers. But am I doing it on the buns, nope... I am planning for it to go on rice so that if it is sloppy it is in a bowl. Yes, I await the applause now....

I am just feeling the rice for dinner vibe tonight. We did sandwiches last night so here is hoping this recipe goes over well since they barely ate last night.

Well that was a big hit. Maggie and Max had at least two helpings. Maggie felt that the rice was just for decoration to show off the redness of the sloppy joe. Max gobbled that down, some leftover fried rice, some leftover sweet potatoes that had too much pepper and at some fruit. I call that a successful dinner especially since Maggie had it dribbling down her naked belly.

What did you say? Why was she nakey? She was playing in the water and stripped herself of her wet clothes. Feeling confident in herself, she decided to keep the birthday suit for dinner and be formal.

So my pictures are of the leftovers. I made ground turkey joes and used whatever amount comes in the prepacked servings. I figured they would like it but I didn't realize what a hit it would be. Here is the link for the recipe. It was yummylicious.

This second picture is just to give you the scope of how little was left. The green tupperware is rice.