Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where did I go?

I know it has been a long time since I have been on. Not good really but life seems to have gotten in the way of my trying to blog and keep up with blogs.

1st- We had sickness. I posted about Maggie but then Krismon got some form of the virus and then I got another. Mine involved these migraine like headaches that migrain medicine couldn't solve.

2nd- We had family come for a visit. Good news though because of the sickness, I actually looked for a primary care physician for my husband and I. Now we just need to go get physicals. I guess with family visiting, I figured out how to no longer be sick. It was a whirlwind visit. I might write a post on that later.

3rd- We have a camping trip this weekend to celebrate Krismon's birthday which was yesterday. And I have had a fever for 3 days. I think it broke last night. Krismon covered me in a blanket. I think out of annoyance that he was getting up with the kids if they woke up at night. So in desperation, he wanted to break that fever so that I could be the one to get up with the kids.

So those are the many reasons why I haven't been on and now I better publish before something interrupts this post.

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