Friday, September 5, 2008

My poor sick kid

Well to be truthful, she is not really sick today. I feel bad though because Wednesday, we went to a playdate and she was ultra cranky. We left earlier than usual and she slept hard. Krismon brought home dinner, she did not eat.... Okay this is the part where you cover your ears or rather your eyes or click somewhere else. She ended up tossing her cookies on the table. Poor thing.

The funny part, if there is one, Max, ironstomach(his new nickname), just kept on eating. We cleaned the table up and got Maggie cleaned up. She ended up tossing more cookies over the night and slept with us. Yesterday was not much better. She didn't eat so there wasn't much to get rid of and she slept quite a bit. She ate a bit. She slept in our room on a blow up bed. Tonight though she will be sleeping in her bed (though check back with me tomorrow, we are both too big of softies with her.)

Today, she ate. And Max is now stitchless thanks to our hmmm what was it at least an hour or more wait for them to be removed. Know how long it took for them to be gone? I would hazard a guess that our ped was with us a total of 15 min. I think I need to find a new practice. Either that or start billing him for all the extra time that I have to spend keeping my kids entertained while waiting. On the drive home, Maggie fell asleep and slept 3 or so hours.

And she shared so nicely with her friend, Sierra! At least she shared something instead of screeching. Oh wait she did that too...

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