Saturday, November 28, 2009

First words

So this is really bad.... I can't remember what Max's first word was. I don't know if I am just having a brain fart but it kind of bothers me. I am hoping that I have it written down somewhere that I can reference for later or add in a comment but at the moment I will just have to be sad about it.
Maggie, on the other hand, said 'Bubba'. And then again I have another sad moment missing Bubba who just loved on both Max and Maggie. I am just glad that we made the decision not to wait too long to get another dog. Juno is a great addition, he loves the kids, has his crazy moments and he thoroughly enjoys the fact that Harry gives open mouth kisses....
Anyways not to further digress... It has been going through my mind what Harry's first word will be. I guess this is because Krismon said that Harry said both 'Mama' and 'Papa' the other day. I am not putting much stock into this since I have not heard a peep from him that sounds like either of these words. So what will he say and when? Any guesses...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cats of the Corn

That's what my neighborhood is like....

I walk outside to get the newspaper and I see those glowing eyes. I look out my front door and they are in my little courtyard and there are a scattering of feathers. I don't even want to go out and see what they have done.

Juno is constantly tormented by them in our back yard and Bubba was before him. We walk the neighborhood and you can smell the foulness of cat urine from two houses that are allowing the cats to camp out in their garages.

I left the garage door open and I walked back to go in and out shoots a cat like a bat out of hell.

I just keep getting visions of cats lining up with opaque eyes just staring staring staring....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chiropractor, how I like thee..

Let me count the ways.... Made my neck better in my riding days so my hand stopped going numb on the bike. Took care of my sciatica during both Max and Maggie's pregnancies. Took care of my shoulder when Maggie decided to sit on me while doing push ups. And I stupidly kept trying to do them with her there. Yeah I know.... dumb dumb dumb.... And now he took care of my neck, shoulders, hips, mid back and lower back from Harry's pregnancy, summer travels, sickness and a 5 month old 19 lb baby who doesn't sit up yet.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Yesterday's news

ANOTHER TOOTH! Yeah, now hopefully the kid can catch a break and get some rest. He's been happier that is for sure.

It has been a pretty eventful week or so. My parents came to visit two weeks ago yesterday. Max and Maggie had a violin concert. It was Maggie's first concert and Max's first time in the orchestra. It was so great to see the confidence in both kids and the excitement in Maggie's eyes.

My parents stayed until Wednesday when we had them skedaddle on out of here. Max woke up with a 102.6 temp. With my mom still recovering, we figured it would be better for them to take off pretty quickly rather than risk either of them getting sick. Can I just tell you that after 5 days of having all the kids at home with me, I was more than ready for Max and Maggie to go back to school today... Thankfully Max's fever only lasted between 24-48 hours. I feel like I haven't really been on the computer much during all this time. Today has given me a little bit of a breather but I still have things to get done so I guess not as much of a breather as I would have liked.

I am just grateful that the kids are getting better, that I am feeling better and that we have all been sleeping a bit better. I am hoping we can keep up