Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cats of the Corn

That's what my neighborhood is like....

I walk outside to get the newspaper and I see those glowing eyes. I look out my front door and they are in my little courtyard and there are a scattering of feathers. I don't even want to go out and see what they have done.

Juno is constantly tormented by them in our back yard and Bubba was before him. We walk the neighborhood and you can smell the foulness of cat urine from two houses that are allowing the cats to camp out in their garages.

I left the garage door open and I walked back to go in and out shoots a cat like a bat out of hell.

I just keep getting visions of cats lining up with opaque eyes just staring staring staring....


  1. we were having the same problem - and steve did some research - there are certain aromas that will drive cats off - check online and see if you can see - they should help ...

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