Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday a boatload of food was made and eaten. We had relatives of both my in laws at their house for dinner. The food was scrumptious. The kids had a fantastic time. Krismon has two cousins who are tween and teen that the kids love to pull on and play with, and the boys are very good natured and let them. Nice right?
My father in laws, brother in law's sister and niece came. The niece was amazed by the amount of food and the amount of people to eat it. Now we all made a good dent in the food and everyone went back for seconds and thirds and probably sometimes fourths and then took home good bags of food for today. So you can imagine the amount of food that was made. And it was fabulous. My husband's family really really know how to cook. I contributed beer, wine and soda.....
The kids stayed up super late for them and really did not want to go to sleep but Max had the glazed gamer look going (the young and old boys(adult boys) were playing super mario brothers) mixed with tired eyes.
Maggie was giddy with the two presents she got to open last night. A doll house that we will be bringing home and putting together and a super super cute backpack with her name on it. And she became an octo mom in one evening as well when her Great Aunt Edith brought her daughter's old baby dolls for Maggie.
I look forward to seeing what is in store for them today as they open their presents!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Max is 6!

Yesterday my first creation turned 6. It is still incredible to me that not only do we have one but now we have 3 kids. Max was so excited for the day and for all that he would get to have and do and the people he would see. He was really getting into the birthday spirit. 'It is my birthday today, I should get to eat candy in the morning.' Yeah like that held much water with me...

Maggie and I headed over to Kaye Ann's, my sister in law, house around 11 to bake Max his cakes. We had discussed making a cake for Jesus's birthday but then she decided that she wanted to make Max his cake. We wanted to do it kind of on the sly. She so enjoyed herself, mixing the cakes (at one point, I heard her say 'bate, bate, bate' (mix, mix, mix from a Dora book, of course!) Her ninong Jason (Godfather and uncle) took plenty of pictures. She helped me scoop batter into the cupcake wrappers. While the cakes were baking, Jason and Kaye Ann took pity on me. They let me rest my eyes on their couch and even covered me with a blanket. It was so nice to not be in charge for a little while and leave Maggie in their capable hands. Kaye Ann curled Maggie's hair so that she could become 'Curly Shirlie Maggie'. And they watched part of 'Bolt' and 'Monsters VS Aliens'. Maggie iced a bit of the cake and then left the rest for us. Once we left, they took naps. Maggie wiped them out.

We got home, ate lunch, Maggie napped. Max played his leapster. 5:30 rolled around and we got the party started. We got lots set up so that when everyone arrived between 6 and 6:30 we could make individual pizzas. Again Kaye Ann and Jason rocked by making the dough and bringing. The kids enjoyed making pizzas and eating their creations. And there was general enjoyment of company, kids running, dog running and laughter. We ate, we drank, we ate some more and we ended up chocolate peppermint cake and red velvet cake and cupcakes with neopolitan ice cream. Max got lots of great presents that he stacked up for pictures.

Today he is wearing the pants and darth vader shirt that we got him. I am glad he is happy with his gifts and that he enjoyed himself.

PS Maggie got a present herself while we were at her Aunt and Uncle's. Kaye Ann gave her a heart necklace and earrings. Of course, the earrings will have to wait but she is rocking the necklace!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will I or Won't I

Stay on the blogging bandwagon... That tis the question. Last year I got derailed when we came here to CA for the holidays. That thought crossed my mind last night right before I went into the sweet oblivion of sleep where I will be headed soon.

Yesterday was such a big day. We were up super duper early. Excitement was the name of that game. The kids were ready. Maggie had her winer mini ballet recital at 9. Max's Christmas show for school was at 10. Do you see the problem? We got good breakfasts in us. I went to walmart to get some last minute things like OJ, our contribution for the after ballet goodies. When I got home from Walmart, Harry needed to go down for a nap. It drew near 9 so we got the others ready and I sent them on their way since Harry wasn't awake. Harry got up around 9:15. Feed, clothe, diaper, Juno in crate, strapped into car and it was almost 9:30. Max needed to get to school at 9:30. Go to ballet school, be bad mom and leave car running with baby inside while I grab Max quickly. We get to the car and to school. I put Harry in the carrier so I can be hands free. We get inside and get Max where he needs to be. I get his violin set up and phew I get to sit down. Max opens the show playing 'silent night'. Maggie and Krismon arrive around 10 after 10 and thankfully we get to see all of Max's performance as 'King Balthazar'. I was sad not to get to see Maggie but thankful that I do get to go each Saturday and watch her perform in class.
After that, we scooted on home and Krismon got the car packed for the most part before he and Max headed out to violin and Harry took another nap. Once they got home, it was finishing packing the car and get the heck out of dodge.
Off we drove into the wild blue yonder, well not really, more brown than anything. Thank got for XM radio! It was so lovely to have radio the whole time to listen to. Very very enjoyable. Harry did better on this drive than on the return trip from Phoenix. I guess it helps that we know what his cries mean better. It was hard to believe that we actually got here before 10 pm. It was a long day and just writing about it makes me tired.
The kids were up again at the crack of dawn but how mad can I be? We are surrounded by family and that makes them and me happy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why won't you sleep.....

So we were doing so beautifully there for a month or two. He would be up once a night close to morning. He lulled me into bragging to the doctor about his sleeping at his 4 month appt. I think he was daring me now that I look back. I took the bait....

We went to Phoenix for my birthday and Thanksgiving. I THINK that our sharing a room caused some serious problems. He started waking up sometimes every two hours. It did not help that the other kids would come into the room at very early hours disturbing all of us. Now we are back and it's been a few weeks and my memory fails me whether it got better or not. Harry got RSV which has been hard and maybe he is more aware now. He has been waking up at night and then again in the early morning hours. Last night, it was 3 times. I was hoping for a better night's sleep and I probably jinxed myself again by saying anything to Krismon last night. He, also, hasn't been as easy to get back to sleep. I feel bad knowing that a large part is sickness. It has effected his naps as well. When they don't sleep well at night, they don't nap well, argh.

I think tonight may be an early night for all of us, well at least for me and Harry.

PS Thank goodness for an older brother and sister who decide that they want to reward us by making us breakfast this morning. And they stayed in bed til 6.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Friday


I have this snapshot in my mind, well actually moving picture would be more accurate... I wish that I had taken a picture but it would have been disruptive to the process. What process you ask?

Krismon got home around 8:30 last night. We got to enjoy about 45 minutes before Harry stirred. Krismon changed a diaper and we hoped that he would drift back to sleep. No such luck. Harry was diagnosed with RSV yesterday. We gave him a breathing treatment, he was not exactly excited. Krismon bounced, I rocked, he swayed and then bounced again. It was during the swaying that I just had that moment of 'Wow, he is really such an awesome father and husband.' He spent the day in the airport and traveling and here he was cradling his son, singing to him, loving him. It was nice for me to have him take on baby duty as well.

It used to terrify me to have the kids while he was gone. I guess the one thing that helps is having the older kids in school. They have stayed on a pretty good schedule. But at different times, they each stepped up to the plate and helped out.

I guess snapshots is better way to put it. Pictures of kids, hubby and love.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

blahhy blahhy blahhy

I am following Heather's post.... I am not sure what to post. I don't feel like I have anything new to say.

Krismon left for New York early this morning. I was up for an hour with Harry last night. Poor guy, awful cold. Maggie crawled into our bed around 4 or so. That was a first for a long time. I pulled the Santa Card this morning.

'If you get out of your bed at night, Santa won't come because he won't know if you are asleep or a wake.'

'That's what my teacher said as well.' (Glad to know her teacher and I are on the same page.) I am hoping it was just the anticipation of Krismon leaving for a few days that motivated her visit.

She didn't fall back asleep til after I fed Harry again at 5:20 right before Krismon left for the airport. Max came into the room at 6:25. He went back out and let me rest until Harry woke up about 5 minutes later.
This morning went pretty well getting everyone taken care of and off to school. I have figured out dinner the next few days. I am hoping we can have fun and enjoy each other and get along while Krismon is gone so that he can have a fun time without worrying about us AND look forward to coming home to us. I know how it must seem some days when he comes home from work and we are all just done in by the day. I can imagine that he would like to turn around and walk right back out. Thank Goodness he doesn't. And he will get back after everyone is in bed so that should make him an exciting present come Friday morning for the kids.

You know the other nice thing. We get home from school and I am thinking Maggie will be excited to have a pb and j since we didn't have the j for her until I went to the store this morning. Nope, she wanted tomato soup and I added in the grilled cheese sandwich. It's nice having children who enjoy fruits and veges.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Papa's Time

It's what every kid wants right? Well mine are lucky. Krismon does a great job of doing one on one with the kids. Yesterday it was running errands with Max and eating out at McDonalds.
Today it was picking Maggie up from school so that Harry could nap. We did not understand that when Maggie grabbed the leftover apple slices from Max's lunch and bagged them that she thought it meant she could stay for lunch at school. Krismon got her and took her for pizza. She was so excited for that time she spent with him. It was great to see the smile on her face when he dropped her off.
To me, it is so important that we spend individual time with the kids so they can realize how each and every one of them is important to us. Thank goodness Harry is super easy on this score...
Well for now at least.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decorating for Xmas

Yeah so I pulled it out of the garage and into the house. It's in the dining room because isn't that where everything that isn't being used gets stored til it gets used? I feel bad for my poor neglected dining room table that doesn't get the use that it deserves or the hate that the Nevada sun definitely gives it. But that is a whole other tangent.

So yes I want to get stuff out and yes I want to do it with the kids. Am I scared that it is going to be a free for all? Oh heck yes. I feel frazzled and I haven't even taken anything out of a box yet. I know that I am excited to have it all out and to put stuff up with the kids especially since it doesn't excite Krismon. Can you feel my hesitation?

I will let you know how it works out....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can I brag?

It is just soooo sooo wrong I know and it really doesn't tell the whole picture of my kids and I sometimes question if they are just feeding me a line but here goes... Deep breath... We got the kid's IQs tested. It was the slosson intellegence test. And yes it does say not to label a child based on the results. It didn't give a solid number... Is the build up killing you because it is killing me. Very Smart and Too Damn Smart For Their Own Good. Just kidding.

Maggie is 3.5 and her age came to 5.5 with her IQ somewhere between 135-157.
Max is almost 6 and his age came to almost 8.5 with his IQ somewhere between 125-147.

Like I stated, I know this isn't the whole picture and that they aren't the true genius kids who can read and speak before a year of age. But they are quite intelligent and I guess it was nice to have a test confirm that.

Now I just need to be knocked down a peg or two so I can return to earth. Ah yes nothing helps that like having to wipe a poopy butt.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Harry's Happy Smile and Joshua's Happy Smile

for my dad, their (gr)Ampa. It is kind of just what the doctor ordered. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons Dementia. His has been a long tough road full of pitfalls and obstacles. Some he made himself and some that started the path. His doctors have said that it is not genetic but environmental. He hasn't always been the greatest about taking care of himself and this has created a laundry list of issues. I love him to death but it is hard to know that some of his problems could have been prevented. Man the whole getting older thing can really suck you know what I mean?
But to get back to my dad, both boys whenever they would see him would break out these beautiful smiles that just seemed to dazzle him. I think it was seeing such unconditional love from such little ones. And the older kids loved sitting with him at the computer playing solitaire. That was something we would do with him as kids, of course, that was with an actual deck of cards. I am glad to see him have this to do with the kids.
Max fell into it with my father in law this summer so I think he was excited that my dad would do it with him too.
It was a real gift that the kids gave him, smiles and time. And it was nice to see him give back to them with smiles of his own and time.
The best gifts really are free.