Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Harry's Happy Smile and Joshua's Happy Smile

for my dad, their (gr)Ampa. It is kind of just what the doctor ordered. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons Dementia. His has been a long tough road full of pitfalls and obstacles. Some he made himself and some that started the path. His doctors have said that it is not genetic but environmental. He hasn't always been the greatest about taking care of himself and this has created a laundry list of issues. I love him to death but it is hard to know that some of his problems could have been prevented. Man the whole getting older thing can really suck you know what I mean?
But to get back to my dad, both boys whenever they would see him would break out these beautiful smiles that just seemed to dazzle him. I think it was seeing such unconditional love from such little ones. And the older kids loved sitting with him at the computer playing solitaire. That was something we would do with him as kids, of course, that was with an actual deck of cards. I am glad to see him have this to do with the kids.
Max fell into it with my father in law this summer so I think he was excited that my dad would do it with him too.
It was a real gift that the kids gave him, smiles and time. And it was nice to see him give back to them with smiles of his own and time.
The best gifts really are free.

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  1. Joshua and Harry certainly cheered him up didn't they? Joshua just loves his Ampa and always reaches his hand out to him ...