Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will I or Won't I

Stay on the blogging bandwagon... That tis the question. Last year I got derailed when we came here to CA for the holidays. That thought crossed my mind last night right before I went into the sweet oblivion of sleep where I will be headed soon.

Yesterday was such a big day. We were up super duper early. Excitement was the name of that game. The kids were ready. Maggie had her winer mini ballet recital at 9. Max's Christmas show for school was at 10. Do you see the problem? We got good breakfasts in us. I went to walmart to get some last minute things like OJ, our contribution for the after ballet goodies. When I got home from Walmart, Harry needed to go down for a nap. It drew near 9 so we got the others ready and I sent them on their way since Harry wasn't awake. Harry got up around 9:15. Feed, clothe, diaper, Juno in crate, strapped into car and it was almost 9:30. Max needed to get to school at 9:30. Go to ballet school, be bad mom and leave car running with baby inside while I grab Max quickly. We get to the car and to school. I put Harry in the carrier so I can be hands free. We get inside and get Max where he needs to be. I get his violin set up and phew I get to sit down. Max opens the show playing 'silent night'. Maggie and Krismon arrive around 10 after 10 and thankfully we get to see all of Max's performance as 'King Balthazar'. I was sad not to get to see Maggie but thankful that I do get to go each Saturday and watch her perform in class.
After that, we scooted on home and Krismon got the car packed for the most part before he and Max headed out to violin and Harry took another nap. Once they got home, it was finishing packing the car and get the heck out of dodge.
Off we drove into the wild blue yonder, well not really, more brown than anything. Thank got for XM radio! It was so lovely to have radio the whole time to listen to. Very very enjoyable. Harry did better on this drive than on the return trip from Phoenix. I guess it helps that we know what his cries mean better. It was hard to believe that we actually got here before 10 pm. It was a long day and just writing about it makes me tired.
The kids were up again at the crack of dawn but how mad can I be? We are surrounded by family and that makes them and me happy.

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