Monday, December 7, 2009

Papa's Time

It's what every kid wants right? Well mine are lucky. Krismon does a great job of doing one on one with the kids. Yesterday it was running errands with Max and eating out at McDonalds.
Today it was picking Maggie up from school so that Harry could nap. We did not understand that when Maggie grabbed the leftover apple slices from Max's lunch and bagged them that she thought it meant she could stay for lunch at school. Krismon got her and took her for pizza. She was so excited for that time she spent with him. It was great to see the smile on her face when he dropped her off.
To me, it is so important that we spend individual time with the kids so they can realize how each and every one of them is important to us. Thank goodness Harry is super easy on this score...
Well for now at least.

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