Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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I am following Heather's post.... I am not sure what to post. I don't feel like I have anything new to say.

Krismon left for New York early this morning. I was up for an hour with Harry last night. Poor guy, awful cold. Maggie crawled into our bed around 4 or so. That was a first for a long time. I pulled the Santa Card this morning.

'If you get out of your bed at night, Santa won't come because he won't know if you are asleep or a wake.'

'That's what my teacher said as well.' (Glad to know her teacher and I are on the same page.) I am hoping it was just the anticipation of Krismon leaving for a few days that motivated her visit.

She didn't fall back asleep til after I fed Harry again at 5:20 right before Krismon left for the airport. Max came into the room at 6:25. He went back out and let me rest until Harry woke up about 5 minutes later.
This morning went pretty well getting everyone taken care of and off to school. I have figured out dinner the next few days. I am hoping we can have fun and enjoy each other and get along while Krismon is gone so that he can have a fun time without worrying about us AND look forward to coming home to us. I know how it must seem some days when he comes home from work and we are all just done in by the day. I can imagine that he would like to turn around and walk right back out. Thank Goodness he doesn't. And he will get back after everyone is in bed so that should make him an exciting present come Friday morning for the kids.

You know the other nice thing. We get home from school and I am thinking Maggie will be excited to have a pb and j since we didn't have the j for her until I went to the store this morning. Nope, she wanted tomato soup and I added in the grilled cheese sandwich. It's nice having children who enjoy fruits and veges.

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