Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Max is 6!

Yesterday my first creation turned 6. It is still incredible to me that not only do we have one but now we have 3 kids. Max was so excited for the day and for all that he would get to have and do and the people he would see. He was really getting into the birthday spirit. 'It is my birthday today, I should get to eat candy in the morning.' Yeah like that held much water with me...

Maggie and I headed over to Kaye Ann's, my sister in law, house around 11 to bake Max his cakes. We had discussed making a cake for Jesus's birthday but then she decided that she wanted to make Max his cake. We wanted to do it kind of on the sly. She so enjoyed herself, mixing the cakes (at one point, I heard her say 'bate, bate, bate' (mix, mix, mix from a Dora book, of course!) Her ninong Jason (Godfather and uncle) took plenty of pictures. She helped me scoop batter into the cupcake wrappers. While the cakes were baking, Jason and Kaye Ann took pity on me. They let me rest my eyes on their couch and even covered me with a blanket. It was so nice to not be in charge for a little while and leave Maggie in their capable hands. Kaye Ann curled Maggie's hair so that she could become 'Curly Shirlie Maggie'. And they watched part of 'Bolt' and 'Monsters VS Aliens'. Maggie iced a bit of the cake and then left the rest for us. Once we left, they took naps. Maggie wiped them out.

We got home, ate lunch, Maggie napped. Max played his leapster. 5:30 rolled around and we got the party started. We got lots set up so that when everyone arrived between 6 and 6:30 we could make individual pizzas. Again Kaye Ann and Jason rocked by making the dough and bringing. The kids enjoyed making pizzas and eating their creations. And there was general enjoyment of company, kids running, dog running and laughter. We ate, we drank, we ate some more and we ended up chocolate peppermint cake and red velvet cake and cupcakes with neopolitan ice cream. Max got lots of great presents that he stacked up for pictures.

Today he is wearing the pants and darth vader shirt that we got him. I am glad he is happy with his gifts and that he enjoyed himself.

PS Maggie got a present herself while we were at her Aunt and Uncle's. Kaye Ann gave her a heart necklace and earrings. Of course, the earrings will have to wait but she is rocking the necklace!

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