Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can I brag?

It is just soooo sooo wrong I know and it really doesn't tell the whole picture of my kids and I sometimes question if they are just feeding me a line but here goes... Deep breath... We got the kid's IQs tested. It was the slosson intellegence test. And yes it does say not to label a child based on the results. It didn't give a solid number... Is the build up killing you because it is killing me. Very Smart and Too Damn Smart For Their Own Good. Just kidding.

Maggie is 3.5 and her age came to 5.5 with her IQ somewhere between 135-157.
Max is almost 6 and his age came to almost 8.5 with his IQ somewhere between 125-147.

Like I stated, I know this isn't the whole picture and that they aren't the true genius kids who can read and speak before a year of age. But they are quite intelligent and I guess it was nice to have a test confirm that.

Now I just need to be knocked down a peg or two so I can return to earth. Ah yes nothing helps that like having to wipe a poopy butt.


  1. WOOT WOOT - Always knew those two were smart kids ... but that figures when you look at who their parents are!

  2. WOW! I always knew they were real smart kids. Good Genes. Having parents that intellectually stimulates them helps too.

    Aunt Edith.

  3. Sorry I'm late on this, I'm not able to comment on some blogs from work.

    This is very exciting news. Not surprising though. It does seem to make for some interesting challenges as well. I have a feeling these kids are really going to give us a run for the money over the years.

  4. Smart kids are great, but I think they can be more challenging in many ways. I think Kiersta would be right up there with yours--she's certainly challenging enough. :)