Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why won't you sleep.....

So we were doing so beautifully there for a month or two. He would be up once a night close to morning. He lulled me into bragging to the doctor about his sleeping at his 4 month appt. I think he was daring me now that I look back. I took the bait....

We went to Phoenix for my birthday and Thanksgiving. I THINK that our sharing a room caused some serious problems. He started waking up sometimes every two hours. It did not help that the other kids would come into the room at very early hours disturbing all of us. Now we are back and it's been a few weeks and my memory fails me whether it got better or not. Harry got RSV which has been hard and maybe he is more aware now. He has been waking up at night and then again in the early morning hours. Last night, it was 3 times. I was hoping for a better night's sleep and I probably jinxed myself again by saying anything to Krismon last night. He, also, hasn't been as easy to get back to sleep. I feel bad knowing that a large part is sickness. It has effected his naps as well. When they don't sleep well at night, they don't nap well, argh.

I think tonight may be an early night for all of us, well at least for me and Harry.

PS Thank goodness for an older brother and sister who decide that they want to reward us by making us breakfast this morning. And they stayed in bed til 6.

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  1. We're in the same boat. Traveling over Thanksgiving and everyone getting sick totally screwed up sleeping for both kids. The little one was JUST starting to sleep a good 4-5 hour stretch every night and now that's out the window. It's funny how you just get used to being tired ALL THE TIME.