Thursday, October 2, 2008

Camping in a lightening storm

Yes that was our weekend last. Fun, fun, fun oh and did I mention fun.....

I am not sarcastic in the least. We got up to the mountain Friday and got set up. We ate our chili the kids got bored with us. They were so excited to be there, they wanted to go and visit all the other campers. The bathrooms were locked for the season so we had to make due with port a potties (more on that later). The first night was okay except none of us got a whole lotta sleep. We were truly hoping that we would since the second night, Saturday, was when our friends would be coming up to camp and bbq with us. We brought a ton of meat (we have a ton left over). We had one friend get lost drive the wrong direction and almost to Utah (slight exaggeration) before coming the right way. We had rain off and on during the morning until around 1pm when we had a thunderstorm. All I can say is Thank God for dvd players!!! The kids watched a dvd while we listened to npr. One friend, John, showed up towards the end of the storm. The kids were so happy to have someone besides us around! They ran races and walked about. We started to prepare for the arrival of others. We did not have as many people show as we thought. Max crapped out at 6pm. I had to carry him into the tent and lay him in his sleeping bag. He fell in love with his bag that night since it kept him wrapped up like a cocoon. I got to stay out with Maggie until around 7:30-8pm. Then she wanted to go to sleep. We were just getting ready when her favorite person showed up, Nick. She gave a few more hugs and included Chris in them and then we were off to bed to share her sleeping bag which was larger than mine. We got it with the idea in mind that she might never let us sleep on our own and that she wouldn't be conscious enough to keep herself warm. We snuggled in and slept right away.

Around 2am, the storm started. I think we were all pretty much awake except maybe Maggie. You could see the flashes of lightening. I could tell that Krismon and I were thinking the same thing, crap are we going to have to make a run for the car! Luckily the lightening passed below us on the mountain and we were okay. But before it was gone, I became a mama sandwich when Max climbed up on the blowup mattress with Maggie and I. Afterwards, he rolled back down to his beloved sleeping bag to talk with Krismon about thunder and lightening while Maggie and I went back to sleep. Ah did that feel good.

The next morning, all was well and wet. We ran to get the kids pottied and had to skip using the women's because of the mess in there. I will not describe it further, but it was not pretty and Maggie wouldn't even step foot inside and she is 2!

We made breakfast for the bunch, let the kids wake up their uncles. They fell in love with Uncle Chris that day. He played hide and seek and spy games. Even Uncle Nick got in on the act and played with them while we were decamping. Now we know we can get through a lot with our kids since we got through the weekend. We, also, learned that we need to figure out more good outdoorsy type toys or games so they won't ditch us for those fun campers! lol

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  1. What a fun camping trip. It sounds like a really neat, down to earth way to spend time with your family. Eww, about the potty. It must be bad if it's too gross for a 2 year old.