Friday, October 17, 2008

IBM conference

So somehow my husband one the prize a trip to North Carolina to deliver a presentation at a golfing conference. In all actuality, I am really pleased for him. I think this was a great opportunity and he and a co worker were the youngest people there. But that meant that I was home with the kids. Now don't feel too sorry for me, heck I know some of you out there have husbands who travel a whole lot more than mine. I did have school and friend to watch the kids while I worked from home and had a break from the kids. It was more the night times that I was dreading.
Maggie has been in the habit of going to sleep in her room and then somehow ending up in our bed and sleeping with us the rest of the night if we don't wake up and take her back to their room.
Max has always been an early riser and lately it has seemingly been earlier than usual.
Last night was no exception except that even when Maggie was making noises at 3 something in the morning, it did not wake me enough to start me thinking and I continued to sleep fairly peacefully until almost 6am when an awake boy and dog sought to wake me up and in the aftermath wake Maggie up as well. I kind of headed them off which gave Maggie an extra 10 minutes or so.
Anyways, I am really looking forward to picking Krismon up from the airport this evening. We talked about it last night and are keeping the kids up an extra hour or so, so he can see them. It was nice to know that he missed them so much.

Yesterday was his presentation. I picked Max up from school and on the way to go and get Maggie we talked about it. I was setting the scene... stage, jumbotron (sp?), etc. Max from the backseat asks, "Is papa nervous?" I don't know why that still seems so profound to me but it is. It was a sign that he understood the feeling on some level and could, I believe, empathize. I might be making this all up in my head but it just seemed so grown up coming from a 4 yo. Anyway, I answered saying yes I believe he was when we skyped the night before. He did say yesterday when I spoke to him later in the evening that the presentation went well and he had people come up and talk to him about later. I couldn't have been more happy for him. He said the stage was so well lit that he couldn't see people in the audience and that helped relax him.

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  1. Sounds like a great oppurtunitty for Krismon, but your sleep situation is so crzy that it doesn't seem fair for you to do it alone.