Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And his education has begun

Well it began this summer when he called someone stupid at school. Ah the joys of picking your child up from school to be informed that he is calling someone names and using the word in the proper context! Yippeee.

Yesterday was so much fun, hearing about his growing vocabulary and the new signs he is learning. The new sign he called it 'the shark.' Sounds powerful, right? Alas, it is what we in the biz call 'the bird.' He showed it to his father first and then his father suggested that he show it to me so I could see this lovely new sign that he had learned from an older child at his school. Now I understand that this was bound to happen. Heck, I had a mouth like a trucker when I was in third grade, at least, when my parents weren't around. His friends in school on the playground were kind enough to teach him both butthead and buttcrack. I feel so psyched that he is building his knowledge and sharing it with us and Maggie. Just what I want my 2 yo to hear. It's bad enough that we taught her 'bootie' and that she likes to both say it and shake it. argh. Okay so some lessons we learn the hard way....

We had the discussion of appropriate vs inappropriate words and behaviour. Has he gotten it completely? Welllllll he kind of knows because he hasn't done it in earshot of his teachers and thankfully he must know that isn't something to add into his everyday sentence structure but can we expect more... Heck yes

And oh did I tell you about him chasing the girls trying to kiss them? Hmm now that was two weeks ago and he got talked to by two teachers to get him to stop. He had his uncles wanting to live vicariously through him because he had the girls giggling and running. He still fondly remembers that time two weeks ago when he wanted to kiss the girls.

Can you tell I am worried what the future will be like?


  1. I'd laugh, but Karma's a.... I know I'll be going through this all too soon with Michael

  2. Oh yes and today he added 'sexy' to this list of words that he used with girls! fun days ahead for you...