Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why so early?

I am still trying to figure out why my children like to punish me and wake me before the sun is up in any way shape or form. Everyday is a challenge it feels like and a hope. Please, please, please sleep until 6am. Please, please, please Maggie don't come to our room and climb in our bed and practically lay on top of me leaving me so little room that I am hanging off the edge of the bed.

Can you guess that this is one of those days? We let Max sleep on the blow up mattress in our room last night because he did not get a time out all day. We want to let them do this one night a week just for fun. Maggie decided to throw my cell phone so she opted out on the sleeping on the mattress with Max. So instead, at 4:30 this morning she came down and climbed in with us and then realized Max was down there and insisted on a pillow so she could join him. I should have known even in my foggy sleep state that this was bad news.

Fast forward to an hour later and I have had enough of Maggie going back and forth and climbing on me. I decide she is going back to her room and get out of bed to take her. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Maxwell out of bed. I think I say something to the effect of you better had just gone to the bathroom and are going back to bed and move Maggie along.

I take her upstairs, potty her, throw her in her room where she cries and cries and cries. And did I mention that she cries? I try to lay down in the guest room since it is close but after a bit find I am now to wound up. But during this time, Max makes his way up the stairs at which point I say something to the effect that he better get back to bed or all his privileges will be taken away for the day.

Now, Max knows and understands the reward system and so he is easier but it gets really hard with Maggie to get her to stop sleeping in our bed. We just end up so tired for days trying to deal with her.

I guess it is something I need to recommit myself to. I just miss when she was a baby and slept at least 12 hours a night.

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  1. I feel your pain...Jackson has always been an early riser. It's so pathetic, since having him "sleeping in" to me is 7am. 5:30 is a normal wake-up time for him, especially when he senses that it's the weekend and I want to stay asleep LOL.