Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What have I learned

So I decided to jump off another blogger's post. Go figure right?
mommynanibooboo -/22-things-ive-learned-as-a-mother

Yeah I don't know how to do pretty link. Okay well it is not so bad. Anyways. Here is my list.

1. I don't know diddly squat.
2. I love my children.
3. I love my children more when they sleep til 6am.
4. That school is my sanity saver.
5. Pandora rocks and rolls.
6. I enjoy being silly with my kids.
7. I enjoy introducing them to knew foods, places and people.
8. By running with Juno, I finally feel like a real runner.
9. I seem to enjoy moving stuff from one room to another with the hope that the stuff has finally found a home until it gets moved again to a new home in hope that this will finally be the right place for the stuff..
10. When you think you understand your child, they do something to keep you on your toes.
11. Toddlers = Teens and vice versa. Though I am still waiting for Max to grow out of the tantrum phase. Please tell me that I will get a few years of sanity from him at some point before the dreaded teens hit.
12. Max has an amazing ear. He has figured out how to play some of the songs from Mamma Mia on his violin.
13. Maggie's hands = fine motor skills. She will be able to play well technically soon. And she likes to make her own music like her brother.
14. I really wish there were do over days.

Sometimes I really dislike myself. This is one of those days. I feel like the worst parent in the world. It starts off on the wrong foot right away. The kids were awake before 6. I don't know if Harry was woken up by them or not but he was awake as well. I had hoped to feed him and put him back down to snooze a little longer. It didn't happen. The kids came out right at 6am loud and happy translates to me being resentful for not getting what I wanted. Notice a theme..... My wants, not my needs.
Harry dumped Juno's water all over. Maggie grabbed towels and started to wipe. I asked Max to help her. Instead he decided to get a plate. It just went downhill from there.
I finally hid in the closet because I didn't want to have conflict. I let Krismon deal with Max because I didn't seem to be doing a very good job of it.
Max had his last scratch test today at the Allergist. I should have realized how bad it was going to be or changed my own attitude. But instead of trying to be light and doing something productive, I did the idiot thing and talked about this morning. BIG STUPID NONONONONO! I should be pounding my head against a wall kind of no no. We got in the back. We got the dots on the back, we got the drops on the back and we got 13 out of the 42 scratches. And then there was every stupidly bad trick in the book to get him to cooperate before finally throwing in the towel. Me= angry and feeling guilty. Him= hurt, hurt, stubborn and angry. Neither of us are winning this war of wills and I need to figure out how to stop it.
I need to recapture my bliss and the bliss with my kids.
How do you capture your happy place especially in the morning? I want to start each day right, no I need to start each day right. And like I tell Maggie, try isn't really an option anymore. Try feels like a cop out or a way of always putting it to the future.
So anything special that you do in the morning and if you were in the same boat as me with kids that wake you up instead of the other way around how do you do it?


  1. I love this!!

    PS Pretty links are easy. When you are writting your post just highlight the text you want to link. Then click on the little button at the top that looks like a chain link. It will open a box and you can add the website you are trying to link to.

  2. Nathan sleeps in but Miss Autumn is up at 5:30 or EARLIER every morning... and she always has a poopy diaper too! Oh it makes me tired to even think about it.

  3. I get waken up by someone almost every day too! I find that I am cranky when I first get up but OK after about 30 minutes (and some food). My days go better when I have a plan. On days when we aren't going anywhere, I have to pretend like we are to get the routine going. Yesterday was a rough day but today was so much better. I stayed away from the computer for 90% of the day and I think that made a big difference. It's hard though because that is my only connection to the outside world some days.

  4. Number 9 on yourlist, about the stuff... and moving it from room to room...?
    Oh my goodness, YES!
    Morning time is hard for our house too- okay, well, me.
    Still haven't figured it out, but by 9 am, I'm usually feeling better. Be gentle on yourself, and you'll find it easier to be gentle with others... or something wise and sage like that. :)