Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

So as if Harry hasn't gone through enough, we decided to go and get dim sum. The kids eat heartily when we go. It is awesome to see your kids enjoy foods that some people look at with suspicion. We thought that we would try Harry on some porridge. yeah not one of my brightest ideas. It had century egg in it. I won't go into what a century egg is, you can google it. Needless to say, it really makes the best porridge. What did it do for Harry? We think it gave him hives..... I think we may have gotten lazy in our food parenting.
  You would think we would know by now, Maggie with her issues with citrus and strawberries. Max is going in soon to get his testing done so we can figure out what he is allergic to.

Here is where my rant comes in.... It feels likes allergies are on the frickin' rise. Everyone now seems to be born with them and those that weren't born with them will get them. What does that say about our world right now? So the flavored water that I grew up drinking in Iowa affected the foods that we eat/ate. Now in the last few years, we find out our meat being fed antibiotics that ends up compromising our health because then we are sick we might not get well as easily because of antibiotic resistance. Are we really that greedy? Do we really need to eat that much that our food needs all the added crap to make it bigger and look nicer. I remember that the crappiest looking apples usually tasted the best. Now you can't even buy those apples because they won't set them out at the grocery store. hmmm I know it doesn't probably all make sense or I could get off my high horse and just buy all organic everything so that I know exactly where everything comes from.

I just remember that as a kid then only things that people seemed allergic to was strawberries and bees and sometimes peanut butter. And now... What have we done to our world?

Okay I guess that rant stole the show.... But I guess this is a good lesson to make sure that I take my time with his food and not feed him something before he should have it.

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  1. So I googled Century Egg...whoa! I am generally not picky and I don't think I would try that one. Sorry to hear that it caused an allergic reaction too.