Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monster Maggie

Last night, we decided to let Maggie go with Max and Krismon to the basketball game at the Orleans. She has been cooped up all week. Like totally cooped up. She got her fever on Sunday and so the only places she has been is the doctors office. No school, no playgroup. And I probably haven't helped by being pooped out by both her night wakings and Harry's. Last night was a bit better, I did not get woken up until 4am.  But then Max came down around 5 am and crawled onto the chair to sleep some more. Then Maggie came down around 5:40 wanting to crawl into bed with us.

Thus began the monster, she screamed and hit Krismon and was generally belligerent. I finally got up at quarter to 6 because I didn't want to hear her nonsense anymore. Her behavior continued to be peachy. I guess the one good thing I can say is that she is in touch with her feelings. "I AM SO FRUSTRATED!"  It doesn't always come out perfect but she does let us know her feelings (Sometimes it is hard not to chuckle.)

This morning was really a Maggie morning. She decided that two couches weren't good enough to sit on that she needed to sit on Max who was laying on the ottoman and then was upset when she ended up on the floor not once but twice.

And then there was her decision to swing her baby doll like a baseball bat at Max. Lovely. All the while I am trying to get ready to take her to ballet and then violin. She did well at ballet but violin was attitude central.

She was being cheeky to be cheeky. I was ready to throw in the towel. I am not sure where her pent up frustration is coming from but ugh....

She and Max must have decided to trade roles of bad choice bomber.  It was rough getting her to go take her nap. But here is hoping that she wakes up in a better frame of mind.

Harry is still  having a rough go of it. He is not really happy at the moment. He's not wanting to eat as much but then he needs to eat because the antibiotics are hard on the tummy. I think I need to get to the grocery store to get him some more baby snacks to tempt his palate so it won't be so upset from medicine. And please cross fingers that his fever finally breaks today.

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