Friday, March 26, 2010

Harry is at THAT stage

You know the one where they have to try and pull everything out of your drawers. Here let me show you.

Those are his favorite drawers. He goes to the them everyday. I remember with Max, trying not to be a freak about everything all over the floor. And with Maggie. I have gotten a bit better with him. I figure the third time is a charm.

He moves fast now


  1. Autumn loves to pull things out of the drawers and scatter them all over the house. She is my little tornado (mess maker!).

  2. Pushing the plate across the floor...classic:)

  3. Harry and his cousin Joshua are so much alike - they both love to pull everything out and scatter it all over - and with Joshua walking (running) I'm never sure where anything is going to end up ... and I'm also working on not being bothered by all the mess - it's a new one for me ... got any suggestions sis?