Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wetlands Park

Yesterday after school, the kids and I went to our local wetlands park. Here is a description from the clark county website...

Clark County Wetlands Park, a 2900-acre, seven- by one-mile strip of land on the eastern edge of the Las Vegas Valley, borders both sides of Las Vegas Wash as it flows past Frenchman Mountain and the red sandstone of Rainbow Gardens  on its way to Lake Mead.
In the largest open space in the Valley, the Park’s trail system encourages public recreation, leading visitors to appreciate the area’s natural wonders and linking to neighboring trail systems, north into Rainbow Gardens and east to the River Mountain and Lake Mead trails.
The Park and adjacent terrain also offer an introduction to the natural sciences, especially  for young people. The Park jewel, the 130-acre Nature Preserve, demonstrates a wetlands ecology, nature’s unmatched water filtering and cleansing system, rich with plant and animal life.
Here is an unusual opportunity to study a desert wetlands, one which transforms polluted urban runoff into clean, healthful water. 

We have been going there for a few years now. The kids enjoy it and so do I. It is very close to the house and anyways. I will let some of the pictures speak for themselves. 

Did I tell you it was windy windy windy yesterday.

A Koi? Wow. This is new...

Harry just wanted to suck and chew on his hat.
Max did a good job taking the picture, didn't he?
Harry was all smiles. Too bad the camera didn't capture it.
And last but not least, can you see the bunny? I couldn't in the viewfinder on the camera so I took it on faith that I captured a picture. There were lots of bunnies. The kids had a great time seeing them all. And at the end, Max was even telling Maggie to be quiet so as not to scare them. lol

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