Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Is it because of yesterday that regardless of the day, I just am in a better place?

Or is it because I knew I had this 6 mile run and that was the reason I was going to be better?

Or is it because of the run and leaving my kids for the hour that helped? I should ask my husband how that hour went.

Maggie came down sometime between 2-4am with a bloody nose. I didn't clean her up so I don't know for sure but since she has had a few bloody noses lately I wouldn't be surprised. Wake up call that we need to use the humidifier in their room.

And then she was hungry from 3:30 on. At one point, she went in the family room to play her leapster. When we finally got up at 5:50 to see that Max had taken her place with the leapster in the family room. I got her some cheerios and milk and went up to take care of Harry. Thankfully after feeding him, he did go back to sleep even though he was half awake when I put him back down.

My run went well. Juno got me to really run. But Nike's website is having issues. I keep hoping that it will come up with the correct stuff soon. That something will update. I want my goals to reflect what I did today. Seriously I mean I put in the work so it should show that right? I know I am obsessing about this.

My kids are gorging themselves on candy right now so help me maintain my serenity (don't snort too loudly) when they go through the sugar high and then the sugar low. Maybe I will go hide in my closet again today...


  1. I haven't had any trouble with the Nike+ site yet but now you have me worried. I have only used it for two runs still since I just got the Nike+ last week. What is Juno?

  2. Juno is my combo lab and pointer (we think). He is about 45lbs of pure running joy.