Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last week

So since joining the 500 miles in 2010. I have been slowly ramping up my miles but last week was a proud moment for me. I got out everyday and did mileage. Running one day and walking with kids the next. I was pretty excited to be out and about. Plus the dog, oh is he in heaven.
 Today I went to a purse and jewelry party at a friend's house. Her daughter, earlier, had been saying it was cruel to run or bike a dog. I let her know that my dog takes me for runs not the other way around. I am getting faster and faster with his help. Now I try not and let him pull me all the time but it is hard to stop the behaviour when the outcome is positive for me. And he is such a much happier dog for our runs. She was surprised when I let her know how happy Juno is and how sad he is on days that we don't go. Last week, I did 18.83 miles. My nike + shows a combined total of 61.46. I know that my total is a little more than that because I did mileage before getting the nike + but it does feel like this goal is achievable.
The discipline will come into effect when summer hits. That will be a lot harder and more than I am used to. My schedule will have to adjust to running even earlier in the morning so I can try and not melt under the morning sun. It will be either that or the treadmill. I guess I just need to lock away those thoughts and not worry about them until the time comes.
Anyway, today was good just for the fact that Max got out there with me and did a mile. Just the two of us. We did a run walk pattern using blocks. I love kids for their get up and go but most of it goes and then crashes. I am hoping that if we start getting out there together that this might develop into something more for him as well. Maggie, at the moment, likes the walks but I feel like I am dragging her towards the end of the walk.

I just wanted to tell everyone my excitement beyond that, my clothes are fitting better than ever which is vastly rewarding.

So Thanks Laura and Erin for creating this challenge. It was the kick in the pants that I needed.


  1. That is awesome! I think it is funny that someone was saying it was cruel to run or bike a dog - they most not have an active dog! Blu is barely calm after a 2 mile walk and bouncing off the walls without one.
    I managed to get out for a walk this morning with Evie and Blu. It was the first time I took them both out with just me. It was tough. Blu doesn't like her leash so I was pulling all 17 pounds of her most of the way while pushing Evie. It was tough but a good way to start the day!

  2. Hi-D - I'm really proud of you ... I just hope I can find something to spur me on to get back into shape - running is just not an option - but I'm gonna keep thinking about it ... and yes - I did think it was funny about the running the dog - but then I have a greyhound who's whole purpose in life is to run ... LOLLL

  3. How in the WORLD is it cruel to run a dog??? Crazy!

    Great job, Heidi!