Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whisper, whisper, whisper

Last night, when I tucked Max into bed after reading more Harry Potter to him and shut the door, I heard him start to whisper with Maggie. I didn't stick around to hear what they were saying but I can imagine it went something like this...

"Maggie, we need to decide who is going to be the good child tomorrow."

"Well, Max, you were the bad child today, I was the bad child the day before. I think I will bad tomorrow. And I will start at the crack of dawn so that when you make your debut you will definitely have their positive attention. (because you know a 3.75 would say something like that!)."

"That sounds like a good plan, but... I really think I should throw a few zingers to keep them off balance as well."

"Okay but I really want to be the villain in the play that is tomorrow."



Cut to this morning at 5:30. "I want my bear, daddy come find my bear."

"Maggie, you already got me up once this night, let me sleep."

"NOOO, DADDY (channel Whitney Housten saying  "Bobbyyyy, bobbby") I WANT MY BEAR. COME WITH ME TO FIND MY BEAR!"

Now after this point, I really couldn't tell you what she said through all the screaming and crying and carrying on. But yeah, I got up. Krismon went back to sleep. I turned on my coffee and the news. Maggie calmed down and sat next to me. Max came down 15 minutes later. He, then, began to take our breakfast orders around 6am. Yes, he was going to be the breakfast chef with his helper Maggie. It seemed every 5 minutes Maggie was having a melt down. It was a long morning but was so happy to have the lot of them out of the house and Harry down for a nap. I let the morning just be after that. We shall see if Maggie continues in her choice or changes her mind. She was good at lunch, so there is hope.

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