Thursday, March 4, 2010

A wondering

So we went in today to get Maggie checked out again and Harry checked out. Maggie still had a fever this morning and she had a slight fever this afternoon. The doctor was concerned that if she had the fever more 3 days then it would be more than a virus. Well, she has a cough from post nasal drip.  This is my wondering, he thinks she has a sinus infection so he gave us a script for antibiotics and it is because it has been more days. But I wonder if I should have asked if I should have let it go and see if she could have gotten over her sinus infection on her own or if the antibiotics are absolutely necessary.

And Harry was diagnosed with another ear infection, of course, in the other ear. Would it have been better for him to try and get over it on his own or are antibiotics a better way to heal?  I think with Harry, probably yes. He had a fever last night and in the middle of the night, he was super warm. He got a dose of tylenol around 2 or so and then some ibuprofin around 6 so by the time we got in to see the doctor around noon his temp had climbed to 103. He was a sad guy. The receptionist had to stop talking to me about Monique's open marriage because she couldn't bear to look at poor Harry's face. He was miserable and tired.

At least I enjoy going to the doctor's office. The women in the office are a crack up. They have the right amount of humor mixed with sarcasm which is pretty refreshing and helps relieve the worry.
 I am really hoping that that I don't get to the point where we are first name basis though. Last time I was in they asked where their lunch was. Yes it feels like we have been way too much. Where as with Max, I only went in for well checks I think the first year.  Were we bad parents or just lucky with him? Maybe it is the fact that we have school age children so they bring home all sorts of crap or maybe because when we went in on Monday, Harry was crawling in the reception area. I just didn't have it in me to keep him from crawling and I guess I am not anal enough about wiping him down.

Enough second guessing the whole point is... am I medicating them too much or would their bodies get over it on their own?


  1. I tried to let Cooper wait out some of his many ear infections, but always resorted to the antibiotics in the end before he had tubes in at 2. I was hesitant on getting them in, and wondered if it was really necessary, but it ended up being a really good thing for him.

  2. I have always done antibiotics for Jake's ear infections because it helps them get over it more quickly then without and they seem quite painful. As for the possible sinus infection, hard to tell but usually fever for 3+ days is a sign there is some type of infection so it if it were me, I probably would have done the antibiotics for that as well. Hope everyone gets better soon!