Thursday, September 9, 2010

School glorious school

So instead of reading and reading and reading some more. I am here. I feel like some awful girlfriend who hasn't called in ages.

Harry and I got back over a week ago so that I could start only one week late for school. I wish I could have started on time. I am still playing catch up. School has changed since I went for my undergraduate degree. There were things that the teachers use that would have been helpful to know about ahead of time. They have this online program that is used as a means to communicate and it cuts down on paper usage by the school. I didn't learn about it until my first day of class but I think some of the stuff was already up for a whole. I could have done the readings while I was gone. But I digress. I got to my first class only to find out that there was already a project due a week from that following Wednesday. huh? No way. Yup. And they gave us a mock quiz but didn't tell us til after that that was what it was. Yeah I felt good about my starting grad school. uh huh....

Outside of that first class, the other classes have gone fairly well. Some of the reading is dry but that's going to happen no matter what. What do I enjoy? Speaking with adults! Getting out. Learning, learning and learning some more. I am hoping also that I can show my kids how important studying is and reading. I have a feeling Harry isn't going to get as many kids books read to him as he will counseling books... lol

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