Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My realization

It struck me yesterday that my life at home has gotten busier than I realized. Maggie has ballet now two days a week. She is in preschool one day a week. We usually have playgroup 1 to 2 days a week. Max is in school 5 days a week now that he turned 5. He has violin once a week and now on Fridays he is taking karate/gymnastics at school as well.

I know that it isn't actually a ton of things and they don't last for long periods except Max's schooling. It still is unbelievable that they are growing up and wanting to do more activities and be busy.

I keep calling and annoying my husband with the details of what they have going on. lol. I just want to keep them doing their things and give my mother in law a break at the same time so that she can have some time to herself. And thank goodness for my friend, Shelby, who is helping get Maggie to and from places and giving her a chance to be with her friends today and tomorrow. Who knew that a 2 yo would understand the concept of friends so well? I don't think Max did at her age. She is much more socially interactive unless the place is completely overrun with boys and then she likes to hide.

They drive me crazy but I miss them and I love hearing their voices on the phone.

PS My mom seems to be doing better and better each day. I am hoping today follows in the same vein.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your mom...but pray that she will have strength and spirit as she crosses this bridge.