Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Waiting waiting waiting

So Monday night, we waited, my Dad and I until the surgeon came to see my Mom before going home. I believe we finally left the hospital around 9:15pm or so. He comes after he is done doing surgeries for the day. This man has been done a lot of surgery on my Mom and I had not met him prior to Monday. It becomes harder to be there when you have your own family to care for. Well I had heard lots about VLR (Dr. Van Lier Ribbink) can you see why they use initials for him? I was curious after hearing his name so often and not always in a positive way, he is a surgeon you know... Don't make me spell it out for you.

Anyway, given the amount of times he has operated and the severity of the surgery this time, I know something has changed for him. All of sudden, my Mom is now calling him by his first name and he has really humanized her. I guess you can only maintain that distance for so long.

Regardless, it was nice to meet him and have him explain in detail what his expectations were for her recovery and his concerns. And he let us know that if he didn't deliver enough detail when he came to see her and we were there that we should give him a boot to the posterior and demand more info. I assured him sweetly that I could comply with that. lol. He seemed a little surprised but then I am sure he is not used to many people agreeing to those terms.

Yesterday, Mom had a ct scan and is looking better so we wanted to hear from the horse's, err lol, VLR's mouth what he had to say about the scan. We waited until 10pm and he was a no show. We were poooppped out. I am hoping that he did end up coming by and seeing her before taking off for the day so that we do not need to wait tonight.

Anyway regardless of what he would say, it is so nice to see her willing and wanting to get up and walk around more and more independently. She is walking a little further each day and slowly getting her strength back.

Heck, she is even talking about wanting the whole family to take a cruise. I put the kabosh on it being before the baby is born. I can't even imagine wanting to be on cruise ship when I am 7 or 8 months pregnant. Besides the fear that we will be in Mexico and I will suddenly go into labor or some such.

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  1. I will continue to hold your mom in my prayers for a healthy recovery! Hang in there...