Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rock and a hard place

So I haven't written in a long time. And you would think no news is good news well not exactly. I am doing well. The pregnancy is going great outside of my turning into a major hormonal monster some days. My poooooor children having to deal with me on those days. Juno is slowly settling in even though we don't have a great daily walk habit established. Thank goodness for the treadmill.

The rock... My mom, the hard place... here. We went down to Phoenix, the whole crew two weekends ago. Mom had just gotten home from the hospital but sounded weak and frail on the phone. It didn't get much better while we were there in fact it got rougher. Her mental attitude is in a tough place, understandable given that none of us realized just how hard the recovery would be or how long it was going to take. It is definitely marathon paced. It will take a long time and she will need lots of help and probably some tough love as the process continues. She has been back in the hospital now for a few days which I believe to be a good thing since her medications need to be better regimented and she needs to be eating more solid foods before she is released again.

It is tough to be so far away, pregnant and not able to provide the support that I would like to give to help both my parents out. I wish that I could do more and be there for her. Plus at this point, it would be nice to have the kids out there even for bits of time to give her some smiles. I think Max would do a good job of that. Maggie might wear her out but either way, it won't likely happen that we get down there again before this baby comes unless I go on my own again which would be hard on Krismon.

Max is hitting the terrible 5s. He can be really helpful and then at times he just breaks down and reverts into toddler behavior. He has this tendency to mimic a friend of his that both cracks me up and annoys me at the same time.

Maggie is a tweenager living in a 2 yo body. I don't know how it is possible but she just is. Last night, we went to dinner with some friends. The kids call them Uncle. Uncle Nick was joking how no boy stood a chance when it came time to dating Maggie because of her Uncles and my husband. She misinterpreted what they were laughing about and thought they were laughing at her. She turned in her seat away from them and pouted and said, 'Hmf, they are laughing at me Mama.' I pointed out that in fact they were not laughing at her but at the thought of any boy standing a chance of dating her. Well that doesn't really comprehend with a 2 yo so it took a few times of not only me saying it but the guys telling her as well that they were not laughing at her before she turned around to smile at them. Another time after a playgroup at a dairy, Maggie was playing with two other girls when she said that they were mean to her. She walked to a bench away from them. When they would come over, she would get up in a huff and walk away. It was pretty funny but oh does it scare me with what is to come.

This weekend is a bit scary for me since Krismon is on a business trip and it is just me and the kids and the dog. Ummm yeah yesterday was a bit rough with Maggie starting my day at 4:30. Thank goodness today I got to sleep in til 6am. Right now they are taking pity on me and playing in the loft. Either that or cleaning or both. I still need to decide what are plan of action is for the day. I would like to wear them out so they sleep well tonight and so we can have a fun day today.

So that is my bit of catch up. I hope that I get to posting a bit more.


  1. Happy to hear you are ok...I was getting worried about you and your family (your mom) when you didn't post for awhile. Reading your posts makes me very excited and very nervous at the same time about having two kids soon LOL.

  2. I'm glad your mom is doing ok, or at least as ok as can be expected. I feel you on the raging hormones - I can be super unpleasant at times, usually at the worst possible moment for me to be. Like when friends show up unannounced, and how dare they think they can just come over with out calling 1st even if they have never had to do so before?
    I hope you can come out to book group and have an evening away.