Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ah Bay Area

Thankfully Harry is doing better. I know his teeth are bugging him something fierce but his demeanor has gotten better. He is happy to have his Grandparents back from Canada and this brings me some relief. He is such a funny kid. He is a guys guy. He is much more willing to go to men then to women which is kind of shocking to me since the other two weren't like that as much. And he is a bit shyer then the other two. It's cool to really see him grow into a personality.

Saturday, we went up to San Francisco to see my sister in laws new place. We had awesome food in the mission and then went to the Exploritorium. I have never been and my sister in law used to work there years ago. Max was so overwhelmed that he went from thing to thing to thing never completely focussed. Maggie had a few things she really enjoyed. Harry was stuck in the stroller but I think he enjoyed what he could before nodding off for his afternoon nap. It is definitely some place that we could go on a fairly regular basis that the kids would enjoy more and more and more.
After the museum, it was ice cream for dinner. Ohhhhh sooooo good. Or I should say we reversed dinner and stared with dessert first.   Mitchells ice cream is sooo good so if you are visiting San Francisco you must go. The cantelope is terrific.

Sunday, my in laws got back and we went to a fresh dumpling place. I mean we could see them making them. How awesome is that?

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