Friday, August 6, 2010

thrilled by heights

By thrilled, I mean kind of scared but yet exhilarated. We headed out to the county fair after getting Harry up from his nap. Mm yeah it was free to park, free to get in the fair but then THEY TAKE CREDIT CARDS for tickets. And to ride a ride was either 3 or 4 tickets. Yeah they didn't go on to many given those prices. Harry couldn't go on any rides today.
Now the Ferris Wheel was the one ride I was willing to go on. And it was amazing, thrilling and scary all at the same time. I feared for my iphone even though I wanted to take photos with it. Maggie loved it and Max wished he had gone with us when we went. Maggie has a bit of the dare devil in her which I want to keep exploring so that she can keep doing fun things. Max enjoyed the super slide and did that one twice. Then they got to have funnel cake for only the second time in their lives. Well the first in Harry's life. They all enjoyed it.

Then we checked out the animals. The pigs were lounging and napping. A young lady had her cow out, the professor. The kids all got to pet him and we took a family picture which I will hopefully get on here sometime. We saw goats being milked and sheep that had already been sheared. It was fun to see the animals and kind of made me a bit homesick for Iowa.

Afterwards, we ended with some fish tacos at Rubios and some frozen yogurt. Ah it was nice.

I took the kids up to see my old office. A few minutes in and then out and on our way. Harry was pooped after that. He cried all the way home and went down for his nap quickly. The kids are enjoying disney on vhs. lol First the rescuers and now the great mouse detective. Good times.

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