Thursday, August 5, 2010

Now is the time

Ah yes. I am enjoying my iphone and my time here. With Krismon's parents back, I can take the kids places one  on one. Not that we have gone anyplace special at this point but I did enjoy just having some time and heck it is so much easier going places with just one. Maggie and I headed off to get a dog bed for Juno, some groceries and a barefoot coffee with some art. I posted the pictures on facebook. It's so much fun being with the kids individually. They are so much easier to get along with too.
Later I took Max to Diaso ( I probably spelled it all wrong) It is a great cheap japanese store. And then we got frozen yogurt. It is nice to just sit and chat and check in with both kids. Maggie has a wild imagination and Max just has an interesting take on the world.  Harry and I went for a short walk together. And I made him walk, we only got half a block but whatever. He seemed to enjoy looking around and experiencing something new and different.
Another morning, I grabbed Max and Harry (he refused to nap.) and we ran some more errands and stopped for another cup of latte art. The boys shared a blueberry muffin and Harry who has been feeling better decided to explore a little more. He went around and tried to engage but none of the adults would have anything to do with him. I think I am grateful for this because I believe he might have come scurrying back to me if someone actually smiled at him.

So free summer concerts, I just don't have the desire to go to the ones in Vegas. Yeah, I know. You are probably wondering why. Ok so you aren't. Sunnyvale has them and we didn't go the first Wednesday we were here so we went this last time leaving Harry at home with the Grands. No worries, he got to thoroughly enjoy a chocolate brownie cookie.  We had a great time at this street concert. Oh my.... It was salsa night. SALSA NIGHT! Max went wild, that latin beat moved his hips. We met Krismon's best friend and his family. The kids were excited to see L and I. I  was glad to see Connie, Aaron's wife. We have kind of grown up at the same time in marriage and now in kids too. Both L and Max wanted to dance with Maggie. It was a crack up. Everyone around was either amused or just really tolerant of their wilder moves. I think  Max might need some Salsa lessons. He really seemed to enjoy himself so much. It was just fun to watch him.

Today, we went to Happy Hollow in San Jose. It's a great park for smaller kids. They had rides and playgrounds and a zoo. We met Connie and her kids. It went well until the roller coaster. The line took forever and that upset the balance. After that, Harry kind of lost his cool. He rallied for quite a while but he was getting done in as were the other two. He actually got to ride on two rides, One was a little car ride that went around. He sat with Maggie and they enjoyed themselves a lot. And then at the end, we rode the carousel on the way out. He was a bit frightened but did seem to like it. We were tired and ready for home but ah was it a good time.

Tomorrow's agenda calls for a trip to the Santa Clara County Fair.

mmm and yeah I have really missed the past two weeks of Krismon being gone and really am looking forward to seeing him Saturday morning. That's all

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  1. The one on one time with your kids sounds so nice! And the salsa sounds fun!