Sunday, August 24, 2008

16 Stitches

Not 10, not 11, nope he got all the way to 16, lucky boy! Our weekend started out innocent enough. We were going camping, in fact, we were supposed to go camping on Friday but plane delays kept us from leaving that day. (Okay, so I had no desire to set up a tent at after 9pm and try and feed two children while interacting with the other families along on the trip besides my husband flying in from Kentucky with little sleep while he was away. Hmm that seems awfully long to be bracketed!) So we leave bright and early.
Max wakes us up at 5:10am and we hit the road by 5:50am. We pull into the campsite a little after 9am. We get the site set up and the Krismon takes the kids fishing. I get to mingle and visit and relax a bit before they come back hot and bothered needing water.
The ranger comes by and tells some of the others in our group about an old abandoned homestead that we can get to off road. Around 1 or so everyone except Krismon and the dogs leave to go and check it out. It was pretty darn cool. There were two houses and one chicken coop. And a dog house or something like it. We did pretty good looking around and then the guys went up behind the house.Max decided to follow and I didn't notice the barb wire. Do you know where this is leading? Yes, he asked to follow and I said he needed to wait for an adult. Did he? Nope

I could end it there and just leave you in suspense but I won't. He sliced his left leg open on barbed wire, yep a pretty proud moment for me. I, then, handed over the honking camera and ran up to him and carried him down the hill. We got over to everyone else and poured water and I was just amazed. Okay more like I wanted to break down and start weeping like he was doing but I held it together for him. Now, you may ask, where was Maggie during all this. Thankfully, she was asleep in the car unaware of anything wrong. We got back to the car, my friend, Michelle and her husband, Bill, thankfully had butterfly bandages so that we could close up the wound. Then they drove as quickly as the rough road permitted to get us back to the campsite. And they had a gps that found us the closest hospital. We drove Max to this little hospital. We had to burrito wrap him and hold him while they numbed his leg and gave him the stitches and voola!

The rest is history. Yeah right. We went back to the camp. We ate, we let the kids stay up way to late. We got to relive the moment when Max had a nightmare that took forever to wake him from and then we were up around 6am.
Still and all it was fun. It was nice to relax with friends to sleep under the beautiful stars and to walk down to the water and watch the birds in the sky before the sun truly breaks.

Did you think that was all? We guess again... While we were gone to the ER, Maggie decided to run on gravel err I mean fall on her face in the gravel so she could get road rash on her pretty pucker, cheeks, etc. Ah she is fine and truly it helps give her that rough tomboy image that she so craves as she pours dirt in her friends' hair!

The end...


  1. Oh Heidi I am so sorry! Poor Max - that must have been one stressful trip to the ER. At least the will have a cool manly scar to show off. Wish we had been there.

  2. Oh little Max! He's going to have an awesome story to share with the kids at school though!

  3. See what happens when you dont go camping with me?? Poor little fellow. How did he take to the burrito wrap? That thing made Ava scream bloody murder (which at least drowned out the sounds of me crying.) Im glad you got to go back and finish your camping trip and enjoy yourselves a little though. What troopers you all are