Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The case of the 1000lb pig

While we were in CA, we went to the San Mateo County Fair with two of my sisters in law. I have not been to a county fair in forever. I kept having flashbacks to my childhood of going to our county fair and I think we even went to the state fair once or twice. I thought it would be fun for the kids to go and see the rides, food and animals.

We got there and of course, I had no cash. Hmmm Thankfully they take credit cards for the entrance fee and one of my s-i-l had cash to cover us. We walked around first to get the lay of the land.

After we got the lay of the land we headed over to see the animals starting with the camels... Did you catch that? Yep I wrote camels. That was a new one for me being an iowa girl, I didn't really think of camels as being farm animals. Maybe that was my limiting perspective. The camels seemed a little warm and were pretty drowsy in their pen. The kids got to ride a couple of play tractors. And before you get up in arms, I know the gender universe got the better of me and I stuck my kids on the ahem 'gender appropriate colored' tractors. Ugh. Even though Max loves pink.

After that we got to check out some sheep and a cow. And a pony. And some ducks, turkeys (they were pretty magnificent to look at.) Then there were the porkers, I mean pigs and the show cows. It was great to get up so close to the animals and watch the 4H kids taking care of their livestock for the judging. I think I pointed that out to the kids as we walked. After that were the chickens and rabbits. It was really fun to see so many animals.Then it was time for funnel cake. The kids have not had funnel cake before so we were looking forward to initiating them to the funnel cake. They thoroughly enjoyed it. As we finished, a little 3 man band was setting up and playing. Max just stood there in awe watching them play. Usually he is all dancing and enjoying the music physically. This time, he was stock still, open mouthed just watching them play. I could see the wheels in his mind turning and registering that if he continues with violin, he could play like they do and have others enjoy his music. It was cool to watch.

After that, it was time for the merry go round. The kids love this and I like that it doesn't make me ill!

Oh I guess I should explain the title... Before we got the funnel cake, we saw a booth saying they had a 1000 lb pig. You had to pay $1 to see it. They, also, had a tiny baby pot belly pig that we could see. Well, Max decided he needed to see the pig while the rest of us were 'eh'. So we paid and he went back. When he came back out, his eyes were wide and we asked if it was big. He just nodded. The money guy grinned.

PS... Nope I did not get a picture, I did not go back there remember?

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