Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water aerobics with the over 55 set

Last Friday on my vacay with my mom, we went down to do water aerobics in the community pool. It was a great time. I so thoroughly enjoyed myself. The candor, the laughter, the goofiness and just plain fun. It makes me look forward to getting older when I see the interaction and how un-self conscious they are. I know there is a better word for it but lack of sleep from sick dog is inhibiting my brain. Our class was doing all the exercises and enjoying themselves at the same time. I was the youngest by more than 2o years but felt at ease because they were so comfortable with themselves. It was a pretty amazing experience which kept me entertained for the whole 60 minutes. I was happy to contribute how to make bacon in the oven which went over well. And who knows how we got on that subject....

And then the next class showed up with their drill Sargent of an instructor and the fun got sucked out of the pool area. We were shushed on our way out which made us all giggle!

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