Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Feminine Mistake

Marketplace money did a feature on Leslie Bennetts book with above title. As I was reading the interview, I got interrupted by a phone call with a friend. Before going into anything else, we started to talk about our take on this. We both agreed that the author made very valid points. Points that I, as a stay at home mom, am just starting to explore. It isn't a mistake to stay home, it is a mistake to stay complacent believing that just keeping house (I know just is riling) is enough. It isn't, the reality is that many scenarios can play out in one's lifetime and if we aren't prepared, life can be pretty unforgiving. Hmmm okay so that wasn't very clear but I imagine you get my gist. Divorce, death, serious illness to name a few scenarios can occur pushing a stay at home mom back into the workforce before being ready or prepared to take over that aspect of the financial reins.

Now that my youngest is two and I am starting my coaching business, I am beginning to see how much more I need to learn. It isn't enough that he has a 401k or that we IRAs. We need to make more plans for a future and the steps we need to take to bring those plans to fruition. But beyond that, is figuring out emergency funds so that we can be safeguarded as well. Anyway, can you tell that I need to see a financial planner so that I can get my finances more under control. I want my kids to want but I don't want them to need. And right now, I think we are leaning to far to the want side. Okay well enough of my spouting.

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